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As the lingering effects of the pandemic still persist, along with the recent onset of Canadian wildfires resulting in a distinct haze hovering through the whole of North America, reality seems more grimly apocalyptic than ever. However, Annihilvs Power Electronix founder Lee M. Bartow (Theologian, Navicon Torture Technologies) presses on with the label’s exploratory and noisy focus with the release of not one, but three new EPs – Unwell by Fragile Body, apocalypse​.​pulse​.​worship. by Dome Runner, and מ​ִ​ל​ח​ָ​מ​ָ​ה (WAR) by NUSP – with all three slated for release on September 1, and available to pre-order now on Bandcamp.
As the solo endeavor of Gretchen Heinel, Unwell marks Fragile Body’s debut, to be available in digital, CD, and cassette formats. Recorded during “the plague years” of 2021 and 2022, the EP’s eight tracks reflect Heinel’s exploration of insecurity, fear, and longing, searching for the source of essential human imperfections. As a photographer, filmmaker, hook suspension artist, and classically trained vocalist, the EP also presents Heinel’s musical journey teaching herself various digital and analog instruments and Ableton Live. Unwell was mixed by Neil Schneider (Blackbraid, Mossgiver, Befoul), and features Heinel collaborating with photographer, model, and tattoo artist Rant Casey for the EP’s artwork, with the layout and design by Theologian.

Brought to the label’s attention by The Vomit Arsonist’s Andy Grant, Dome Runner is a Finnish industrial-grind act, with apocalypse​.​pulse​.​worship. available to pre-order in digital and CD formats. Recorded and mixed by Simo Perkiomaki and written between late 2020 and late 2021, the EP follows up on the Conflict State Design full-length debut, released in 2021; a remix of that album’s “Undemonizing Process” created by Theologian appears on apocalypse​.​pulse​.​worship., with a vinyl edition of the EP being produced by U.K. imprint SuperFi Records. Furthermore, Dome Runner is currently producing a split release with Ohio industrial sludge project Disposal Unit, to be released via Australian label Terrible Mutilation, while a vinyl reissue of Conflict State Design by Seeing Red Records is also in the works.

NUSP is the collaboration of Theologian and Nicole Palmer (Telladictorian, ex-Prometheus Burning), with מ​ִ​ל​ח​ָ​מ​ָ​ה (WAR) as the pair’s debut effort; the EP’s six tracks were edited from a series of improv sessions, with additional piano provided by Fragile Body’s Gretchen Heinel. מ​ִ​ל​ח​ָ​מ​ָ​ה (WAR) will be released digitally, “without warning onto an unsuspecting world, literally under the shadow of armageddon.”

These releases follow a period of relative inactivity for Annihilvs Power Electronix, with another to follow as Bartow will be recovering from an intense surgical procedure on his cervical spine. “As my mental state has plummeted into really dark territory,” he explains, “It is my hope that, after I’ve fully recovered from this surgery, I’ll find the energy to engage with the world once more, such as it is.” He goes on to express his gratitude to supporters of Annihilvs and its artists.


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