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Composer and artist Matthew Akin, better known by his moniker of Animattronic, has garnered a reputation for his impressive remixes for the likes of Infected Mushroom, Daft Punk, Blue Stahli, and especially Klayton’s Celldweller and Circle of Dust projects. Continuing this latter association is the Animattronic remix of Circle of Dust’s “Parasite,” released today, January 12, via FiXT Radium, infusing the darkly intense track with his own brand of warped and distorted electronic energy. Commenting that he considers the band to be relevant as relevant now as it was in its inception, Animattronic states, “I’d be a fool to pass up the opportunity to remix a Circle of Dust track.” The remix is available on Bandcamp in a vocal and instrumental form.


The self-titled debut album from Circle of Dust marked Klayton’s introduction to the world of music, and had long been reviled by its creator as an unfinished and inferior representation of his vision. After several rereleases and remasters over the years, that vision was finally realized with the release of Circle of Dust (25th Anniversary Edition), which saw Klayton rebuilding the album from the original files, recordings, and hardware. Originally planned to appear before the end of 2020, the record was presented track-by-track, with each supplemented by instrumental versions and remixes by Rabbit Junk, Cyanotic, iVardensphere, Fury Weekend, The Anix, Soul Extract, and more, with Animattronic’s remix of “Parasite” appearing at the end of the cycle.


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