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Formed in 2022, the Taiwanese electro/industrial act known as Anger (奰) has revealed the second single from the forthcoming debut album. Written, recorded, and performed entirely by band founder B.W., the song addresses the decline of indvidual thought and freedom, with the title of “The End is Nigh” referring to a Biblical phrase heard often in the midst of the Cold War era as a signal of potential nuclear destruction; with information marginalized and society in as tribal and polarized a state as ever, despite the advances in technology that are now widely available, B.W. states, “If we leave things as they are now, we might need to recycle old slogans.”

Released on May 13, “The End is Nigh” (末日臨近) is available now on Bandcamp, and follows the “Cyberanarchia” (賽​博​安​那​其) debut single released this past January. Both singles will appear on Anger’s debut album, Grandiose Delusions, due to arrive later in 2023.


Anger (奰)
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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