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Due for release in the Fall, electro/punk act Angelspit has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its ninth album, titled The Ignorance Cartel, which attained 100% of its funding goal within four hours. The album showcases 14 new tracks that Angelspit promise to be “faster and heavier than previous releases.” As with all of Angelspit’s material, The Ignorance Cartel takes a grimly critical look at the status quo, addressing the rise of authoritarian and psychological modes of control on a populace far too addicted to technology that may be designed to subjugate them; written by Zoog Von Rock in Los Angeles over the course of 12 months prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the record features guest appearances by his Hardcore Pong band mate Brian Graupner (Gasoline Invertebrate, The Gothsicles) and Melody Lynn (Queen of the Static Opera), with the artwork designed by Von Rock and En Tze referencing ancient mysticism with a glitch-laden twist.

The band attributes the rapidfire success of the Kickstarter campaign to “an R-rated VHS tape with content that will never be seen online,” which is available as one of the pledge rewards; produced with The Basement Labs, the VHS features exclusive videos of each track, with the tagline “Play video and die within seven days” in a reference to the Japanese horror classic Ringu. Other perks from the campaign include signed CDs, spike masks “to ensure social distancing,” T-shirts, and the opportunity to have Angelspit create a remix of a backer’s track; a full listing of available perks can be found on The Ignorance Cartel Kickstarter campaign page.


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