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Electro/cyberpunk act Angelspit has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the band’s eighth full-length album, titled Bang Operative. Front man and founder Zoog Von Rock Learmont states that the album “is inspired by the early synthwave sound of 1978-1981,” with the track list comprised of 13 songs reworked and remastered from tracks originally released via the Angelspit Patreon page; through this process, fans and supporters helped to shape the sound of the album as Von Rock created these final album versions based on audience input. He goes on to say that he is “very happy with this album,” with the sounds “ranging from brutal clanging driving beats to dark creepy nightmarish lullabies.” Joining Von Rock on the album will be English vocalist Cherry Bligh.

Among the perks featured in the campaign are a limited edition metal DVD box – signed and including a color booklet of lyrics, photos, and album info – along with a regular CD edition; also featured will be an all-over-print T-shirt in multiple sizes, spiked and plated collars, the Angelspit metal USB key containing the band’s full-length album discography (including Bang Operative), various clothing and costume items, and the final batch of Von Rock’s “horror hawk” hairpiece handcrafted by Dark Star Fusion. Additional information on the campaign’s tiers can be found on the Kickstarter site; the campaign runs until Saturday, July 27.


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