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2021 saw industrial and electro/punk act Angelspit collaborationg with Ice Planet 9000 on three EPs, the pair focusing their collective efforts into a series of instrumentals inspired by sci-fi cinema. Now, the pair has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sequence 1: Glass Jar, a full-length album that expands on the sound heard on Heliosphere, Orbit Decay, and Mind Phased; with plans to release the new record in a lavish tri-fold vinyl package, Angelspit founder Karl “Zoog Von Rock” Learmont explains, “I teamed up with Ice Planet 9000 to create something completely different – intergalactic music which is rooted in prime numbers and the Fibonacci sequence.” With the album comprised of six longform instrumentals, Glass Jar presents a digital audio drama about a frozen planetoid in deep space where water is mined via “Glass Jar” tankers; as the remains of a massive temple are discovered, “something powerful awakens.” Complementing the record will be a diorama playset, as well as other merch items to create an immersive and interactive experience. Additional details can be found on the campaign page, while the Heliosphere, Orbit Decay, and Mind Phased EPs are available now on Bandcamp.





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