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10 albums and still going strong, Angelspit presents another helping of electrified cyberpunk with the “Killed On Camera” single off the band’s new album, Diesel Priest. With Queen of the Static Opera’s Melody Lynn joining Karl “Zoog Von Rock” Learmont on vocals, the song is a sharpened dose of lyrical venom addressing the proliferation of violence and media sensationalism, with especially cutting lines like “You’re underclass in a system that don’t want you to vote, with a constitution that does not apply to your skin tone,” and “This ain’t the future you prayed for / This is the future you paid for.” Released on January 10 and available on Bandcamp, the Killed On Camera EP also features the exclusive B-side “I Am Laughing,” along with nine remixes of various tracks from Diesel Priest created by The Gothsicles, Batavia, 40 Octaves Below, :Waijdan:, and more. Diesel Priest was released on December 3, 2021 in digital and CD formats, available now on Bandcamp.


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