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When not shredding onstage for the likes of Peter Murphy and KMFDM, or creating industrialized rock & roll wet dreams as Black Sugar Transmission, Andee Blacksugar is often indulging in even stranger forms of musical expression as Sheer Velocity. With social distancing and self-isolation necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Blacksugar has taken the quarantine as an opportunity to release a new album under this moniker; with Adam James (Blue Man Group, Shpard the Breeze) performing the electric bass, Lockdown Lullabies presents 13 tracks, each written and recorded in one day. “Starting on Monday, March 16,” Blacksugar explains, “I went on social media each day and asked my followers/friends for a key, tempo, and title, and armed with those crowd-sourced suggestions, I’d write and record an instrumental guitar piece by the end of the day (with a video update to prove it).” Adding to the unorthodox and creatively urgent approach, he also enlisted several guest contributors to allow them an outlet in the midst of their own isolation – among them are the likes of Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Alex Skolnick (Testament), ERIC13 (Combichrist), Jason Bieler (Saigon Kick), Quist (Bryan Ferry), and more. Lockdown Lullabies is now available to purchase digitally via Bandcamp.

Black Sugar Transmission released Wandering into the Bullseye in February, the first of three planned albums in 2020. The music video for the album track “Don’t Blame the HOrse” made its premiere on Rebel Noise shortly after the album’s release.


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