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As uncompromising and as belligerent as ever, the Belarusian digital hardcore duo of Ambassador 21 has announced a new album of politically charged industrialized punk, titled Art Off. Destroy. Four years in the making, the forthcoming double album celebrates the band’s 20th anniversary, with the duo of Alexey Protasov and Natasha A Twentyone calling the album, “Our definitely best, most conceptual, and most surprising work,” eschewing the notion of their music as “product.” Furthermore, the band cites the events of the past several years as a primary inspiration, commenting that the pandemic was not the biggest challenge, but rather the “people found and lost” and the “countries and bridges burned down” along the path. Finally, true to the band’s brazenly left wing political stance, Ambassador 21 invokes the words of Kurt Cobain that those who subscribe to anti-homosexual, sexist, or racist ideologies should not attend the band’s shows or purchase their records, preferring that they “leave us the fuck alone!” Since the 2016 release of Human Rage, Ambassador 21 has steadily released a series of singles as name-your-price items on Bandcamp, along with two releases with Suicide Inside; Art Off. Destroy is due for digital release via Invasion! Wreck Chords on November 18.


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