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Alfa Matrix has long been established as a prime imprint for electro/EBM artists, and now, the Belgian label is dipping its toes into more rseurgent styles with the formation of a new sublabel. Focusing on post-punk, coldwave, and minimal synth, Spleen+ has already added two acts to its roster – IMJUDAS and The Ultimate Dreamers. With both bands’ discographies now part of the Spleen+ catalog, today, January 20 sees each with new EP releases to inaugurate Spleen+.
As the project of Helalyn Flowers’ Maxx Maryan, IMJUDAS presents a melancholic blend of synth/rock and coldwave with So Untrue and People of the Blame. Each EP features a series of remixes and demos for some of Maryan’s favorite selections off the YrJudas / Via Negativa album released in April of last year; remixes were created by label mates like The Breath of Life, Neikka RPM, Elektrostaub, Madil Hardis, and IMJUDAS himself, while the demos of songs like “Tulpa,” “People of the Blame,” “Outcast,” and “So Untrue” were originally circulated privately among fans in 2016.


Pursuing a philosophy of minimal music and maximum style, The Ultimate Dreamers offer up an expanded version of the Polarized EP released this past September; produced by Len Lemeire (Implant, 32Crash), the new Polarized edition features the three tracks from the original release, supplemented by an additional remix by Faust Project and the original demo of “I Love You?!” created in 1987. The Ultimate Dreamers had been active in the ’80s and heavily influenced by Britain’s post-punk movement of the period before ceasing activity in the early ’90s; the band reconvened amid the pandemic.


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