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Experimental musician Alessandro Cortini has released the latest single from his upcoming solo record, Scuro Chiaro, titled “Lo Specchio.” With CGI imagery created by director Marco Ciceri and Axel Schoterman, the music video draws on the album’s themes to present the constant variations that occur in life to instill feelings of wonder and vulnerability. “Lo Specchio” marks the second single from Scuro Chiaro following the March release of “Chiaroscuro,” with the album’s title playing on the artistic term for heavy contrasts of light and shadow in visual mediums; Cortini explains that the reversal of the title “shows that no matter how you order things, there are always going to be two elements that tend to be the opposite of each other that make up the truth – or make up everything.”

Scuro Chiaro is due for release on June 11 via Mute Records in CD, digital, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders now available. Cortini further explains that the album was created through a similar process as his 2019 Volume Massimo album, culling sounds and elements from his archive of personal recordings, all created at various points in time and coalescing into the final product – “You drink wine that is 10-years-old with a meal that is freshly handmade.”
Additionally, Cortini recently collaborated with Make Noise to manufacture Strega, a new electronic instrument and effects unit; made to be compatible with Eurorack modular synthesizer signals, a full rundown of the unit’s capabilities can be found on the Make Noise website. The artist calls this new piece of equipment “a successful attempt to condense my sonic aesthetic into a music making box,” with the prototypes utilized in the creation of Scuro Chiaro.


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