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Following the release of the Stockholm duo’s studio album debut, Hatif has now unveiled a new single for the album track “Pool.” Remixed by fellow denizens of the current wave of darkened electro and post-punk, Agent Side Grinder, “Pool” offers an even harder club-centered variant of Hatif’s bass-driven original, retaining the song’s Middle Eastern harmonies; written and produced by Markus Majdalani and Johan Eckerström, the song is exemplary of the themes prevalent on Everything is Repetition – rebellion, resistance, and the need for communication in the midst of isolation, “influenced by our times.” Stating that fun was had with the remix, Agent Side Grinder’s Johan Lange explains, “I tried to make it more direct, highlighting the chorus and the 303.” The Agent Side Grinder remix of “Pool” was released today, November 11, and is available via Bandcamp; additionally, Hatif has released a music video accompaniment to the remix, the footage showcasing the band’s live show. The band’s Everything is Repetition album was released on September 30 via Town and Town Records, and is also available on Bandcamp. Since the 2019 release of A/X and its 2020 REMA/X companion, Agent Side Grinder notably worked with post-punk act Kill Shelter, appearing on “The Necklace” from that band’s Asylum record.



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