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With a new full-length album on the way, Turkish darkwave and synthpop act Affet Robot has unveiled the record’s first single and corresponding music video. Produced by band founder Eren Günsan during the 2020 lockdowns, “Budala” (“Fool”) presents lyrics about the disappointment and anger one can feel when confronted with an uncomfortable reality; Günsan elaborates, “The main idea of the song is to describe foolishness that all of us can feel in our own human relations. It tells a story about feelings of realization of foolishness, disappointment and anger towards yourself.” The video was directed by Gökay Çatak and Mert Şen, with editing by Rauf Köse, with Günsan joined by keyboardist Zeynep Oktar, and dance choreography by Burcu Uçatenik.

Album Cover“Budala” is available to purchase now via Bandcamp, mixed and mastered by Orcun Ayata. The single is the first off the upcoming album Fiyasko, due for release on January 29, 20021; the album marks the follow-up to the 2019 Huzursuz Seyirler EP and the 2017 Röntgen debut album. Of the album’s themes, Günsan explains, “All the catastrophes created by one’s hand, will trap his own. When the day comes, it is foolish to seek forgiveness by the evils lacking mercy, created the same hand.” Fiyasko is available for digital pre-order via Bandcamp.


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