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It has been a full decade since Herr Djurfel and Ulf Lundblad released their last full-length album as Severe Illusion, but the silence is now broken with the release of Totalitarianism For a New Generation. The album sees the band sardonically exploring the failings of western civilization, touching on the breakdown of democracy at the hands of totalitarian regimes, filtered through the duo’s signature WSDE (Weird School Dark Electro) sound. Released today, November 20, via Advoxya Records, the album features cover artwork by Nullvoid and is available on CD via the label’s webstore; furthermore, an album review and interview with the band with further information can be found in the November issue of Sonic Seducer. Totalitarianism For a New Generation follows 2013’s Deliberate Prefrontal Leucotomy; since then, Severe Illusion has released reissues of 2011’s No More Alive Than You Deserve and 2003’s Discipline Is Reward Enough, as well as the Psychosurgery, A Familiar State of Passive Compliance, and Voluntary Cognitive Dissonance EPs.


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