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January 6 saw the release of the auspicious debut single from Portland, OR electro quartet Luscious Apparatus. With a sound steeped in pulsating grooves, haunting passages of ambient guitars and synths, and darkly melodic vocals, the lyrics to “Infiltrate” present a message of empathy and solidarity for those in abusive situations; with lines like “Let’s get you out of danger” and “This is not okay,” the song was inspired by the detailed accounts by one of the victims of shock rocker Brian Warner, a.k.a. Marilyn Manson. The result is an eerie anthem of confrontation against violators, captivators, manipulators, and desecrators, with “Infiltrate” now available via Bandcamp and all major digital platforms.


Taking its name from a track by Recoil, Luscious Apparatus began in 2019 as a studio project by Jack Norton; he was joined the following year by vocalist Sandi Leeper, also of industrial/rock act Particle Son, along with guitarist Catherine Hukle, and drummer Daniel Henderson joining in late 2021 to finalize the lineup. With all four members writing and producing, Luscious Apparatus cites the likes of Gary Numan, My Bloody Valentine, Garbage, Delerium, and Nine Inch Nails as primary influences, with more music planned to arrive throughout the year.


Luscious Apparatus
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