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Since the release of 2017’s SHIFTING.negative, Italian industrial/metal act Aborym had been focusing on the Something For Nobody trilogy of albums to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary, containing remixes, outtakes, and other rarities. Now, the band is entering into what promises to be another prolific period as Aborym is currently in the studio recording its eighth album, Hostile. Calling the new album “rude” and “ballsy,” yet “sensitive and extremely intimate,” lead vocalist and founder Fabrizio “Malfeitor Fabban” Giannese comments that “I put together a great team of individuals to work with, and that, as well as a revitalised and energetic new commitment, has triggered an effect that has dramatically overhauled Aboym.” Among these individuals is the legendary Keith Hillebrandt, who will be taking over mixing duties for Hostile in his Bangkok studio; renowned as a producer, sound designer, and programmer, Hillebrandt’s credits include the likes of Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and most famously Nine Inch Nails, having been credited as a member of the band during the late ’90s. Additionally, mastering the album will be Grammy winning producer Marc Urselli, whose credits include U2, Lou Reed, Sting, Nick Cave, Elton John, and more; sound engineer Andrea Corvo will also be working with Aborym during the recording process at NGM and Synthesis Studios. “Sometimes you hit a period where everything just fits together perfect and turns out exactly as you hoped it would,” Fabban concludes, with Hostile due for release in 2020 via Dead Seed Productions.
Founded in 1993, Aborym’s sound was heralded for its blend of bleak ambient and industrial textures with the shrill and demonic sound of black metal; with Fabban remaining as the sole original member, the band has at various times counted among its ranks drummer Bård G. “Faust” Eithun (Emperor, Zyklon, Blood Tsunami), guitarist/keyboardist Nysrok Infernalien Sathanas (Alien Vampires), and Attila Gábor Csihar (Mayhem, Sunn O))), Belphegor), with guest appearances on 2017’s SHIFTING.negative featuring Sin Quirin (MINISTRY, Revolting Cocks), Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc., Master Boot Record), and Ricktor (The Electric Hellfire Club).


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