Jan 2019 24

A.I. Zero releases new music video, EP featuring Armageddon Dildos
Founded in 2014 by Maikko Advance (Mind Area, ex-Human Decay) and Flesh Wire, A.I. Zero will be releasing its new No Pain Forever EP as a free download on January 25 via Scent Air. Featuring two original tracks and four remixes, the title track features A.I. Zero collaborating with vocalist Uwe Kanka of German EBM act Armageddon Dildos, with the band contributing additional production to the song. The No Pain Forever EP acts as a preview of the full-length album There Will Be Solutions, due for release in early 2019; according to the band, the track “sets a new level in quality,” demonstrating A.I. Zero’s development reaching a point “ready to collaborate with big names in the electro scene, such as Armageddon Dildos.”
In addition, a music video for the song “No Pain Forever” is now available to view on YouTube, produced by Thorsten Hohgräwe; despite featuring Kanka’s vocals, he does not appear in the video.


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