Nov 2020 23

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Chicago industrial outfit 5 R V L N 5 has premiered the David Bottrill remix of “Flesh” via Consequence of Sound. The track comes from the Flesh maxi-single, out now through End of All Hope Records, featuring four remixes of the track from the full-length album The Black Mark, released on March 13. Band founder Chuck Clybourne describes pairing the lyrically heavy song with Bottrill’s atmospheric and textural production style as “a no-brainer,” commenting that he “was completely geeked-out” upon discovering the Grammy award winning producer’s enthusiasm to remix the track; “It was a great experience and I look forward to doing something with him again in the future.” David Bottrill, who has worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Rush, King Crimson, TOOL, and Muse, describes the track as expanding the boundaries of industrial music, further stating that 5 R V L N 5’s innovation has pushed him to “explore new technical and creative ways to achieve their vision.”




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