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Electronic Body Music – a.k.a. EBM – a subgenre of industrial music that was built on the backs of legendary dark electronic artists like Leæther Strip, Nitzer Ebb, Klinik, and many others, but none more than Front 242. So, it makes sense that the date of February 24, or 24.2 in most of the world, has become internationally recognized as Front 242 Day or EBM Day. Each year, DJs and show runners assemble classic EBM playlists and talk about their favorite tracks from the past decades, and while it may be a subgenre of an already small niche of music, there are still new bands bringing the electronic body beats to our ears. This year, 2 Dark Productions – the team behind the popular streaming events 2 Dark Helloween and 2 Dark New Years Evil – has put together a new event, titled 24.2: EBM Without Borders, promising to bring in the best in the style from all over the world from Russia, France, the U.K., the U.S., Argentina and more – longtime veterans like Sturm Cafe, Imperative Reaction, and Klack together with newer acts like Strong Product, Rebel Empire, and Civil Hate. As well, the event will include world premiere videos from John Mirland, Kreign, and interviews with new industrial acts like Metropolis Records’ Terminal. Scott Durand from the seminal and long running Dark Indulgence explains, “We wanted to bring artists together that people might not otherwise hear, and if we could get some of the more obscure artists on the same ticket as someone like Klack, that would help grow the niche genre.” SPANKTHENUN’s Eric Hanes, as the other half of the team behind the event, added, “We did some online shows with some of these guys and we were excited about the quality and the energy. Over the last year, many of the bands have embraced the lockdown situation and gone online.” Hosting the event is Evilyn13 from one of the top dark music streaming shows on Twitch, as she promises to certainly bring her brand of darkness and sexy outfits to the proceedings.

24.2: EBM Without Borders will begin streaming on EBM Day – Wednesday, February 24 – via Twitch at 4:00pm, CST/5:00pm EST, running for six hours. Registration for the event, as well as a full program listing of bands, DJs, interviews, , and video premieres can be found on the 2 Dark Productions Facebook page.


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