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Serving up a special little slice of electrosexual hell, the duo known as Hot Pink Hell invites audiences into a luscious and lascivious world.


An InterView with Clea Cutthroat & Jeremy Creamer of Hot Pink Satan

By William Zimmerman (WZ)

The duo of Clea Cutthroat (Bonaparte) and Jeremy Creamer (a.k.a. Allinaline) – known collectively as Hot Pink Satan – invites the audience to embark on a dark electronic adventure. Joining forces in 2017, the pair creates a blend of noisy beats and hooks to serve up a healthy dose of hellish and sexualized musical energy. Within the span of six months, the band hit the ground running with a series of singles, videos, and a remix EP, ultimately resulting in the release of the Spells debut album in October 2018. As to be expected, the live show mirrors – and perhaps even exceeds – the erotic ambience of the music as the band takes the audience on a dark journey through what it calls “the sparkling flames of a Hot Pink Hell.” In this special contribution from William Zimmerman, Clea Cutthroat and Jeremy Creamer speak now about the luscious and lascivious world Hot Pink Satan lives in.


Could you give us a bit of a background on HPS and how the two of you came to collaborate?

Cutthroat: Hot Pink Satan is Jeremy Creamer (Chimaira, DAATH) and myself. I was living over in Berlin, Germany for 11 years touring with Bonaparte, as well as with my solo performance art/neo-burlesque show. Jeremy and I met over in Berlin and he played at my venue at the time. My last project had ended and I was driving myself crazy trying to find the right person to collaborate with. Well, cut to Jeremy! As soon as he started playing, I knew he was the one! About six months later, I found myself back in N.Y.C. and I immediately hit him up! The rest is now sweet history.

You just released your debut album, Spells, back in October. How long did it take to create and why was it important for you to self-release instead of seeking a label?

Creamer: It took about a year-and-a-half from the first time we met up in a studio to the completion of the full-length record. We were living in separate cities when we began to collaborate and would meet up for studio sessions in Boston, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh. Once we released our first singles and had a bunch of other strong material going, Clea moved to Pittsburgh and we went directly into finishing the record full-time and started developing a live show. It was more important to us that the material got out for people to hear than who was necessarily going to be releasing it. Because of the great opportunity that modern artists have today to self-release, we just went through the process and put it out there. We see Spells as really great starting piece for Hot Pink Satan, and we have plenty more to bring to the table if labels show interest in our work. We will definitely take that call, but we weren’t going to wait for it to start to get our material out.

What can fans expect at a Hot Pink Satan show? The unexpected perhaps?

Cutthroat: They can expect blood and beats! The show is different every time. We do have a roadmap to our show, but we also leave room to allow the raw energy, stage, venue, and crowd to inspire us well. Every Hot Pink Satan show has its own unique magic and feel.

Creamer: We both love live shows that go beyond the material on a record and take you on a journey, so you can expect to see our songs on a whole other level at the show. We aim to bring something extra live that’s very rock & roll and that can engage the audience directly through extra instrumentation, visuals, and performance art. And yes, you should also probably expect some blood.

What about the technical side of your creation? Can you give us an idea of what you use for both hardware and software for your music?

Creamer: The record Spells and most of what we produce is in Ableton Live and uses a combination of live recordings, samples, and VSTs. One of the great things about our collaboration is not having a standard set of tools or instruments to create music with. We like to experiment with a bit of everything and let the energy of the song lead the way.



A video for the single ‘Breathe’ was just released. Can you talk about that?

Cutthroat: ‘Breathe,’ as a song and video, is a dark portrait of intimacy. We really wanted to capture that feeling… and the concept came so naturally. We directed and filmed the video ourselves, so everything is coming out of The Haus of Hot Pink Satan. We wanted to tread the line between reality and fantasy. It’s such a sexy song it deserves its moment to shine.

You had some interesting yet minimal effects on the remix videos for ‘Hand.’ Can you talk about how you did that?

Cutthroat: ‘Hand’ was not only our first single and video, but also the first video that I had ever made. I fell in love with editing, and as far as effects, I wanted the video to have a similar pace and rhythm as a performance. I really like speed controls and the rewind button became a quick favorite. I apparently have a penchant to watch liquid, cake eating, and blood spilling in reverse.



What is your craziest fan reaction/story at a live show?

Cutthroat: Well, we have a friend, a Pittsburgh legend named Ed Pinto. He loves to get beat up on stage… but this last show as I’m dragging his ass on stage, he hands me an open switchblade! I scolded him and (carefully) threw that blade as far away from me as possible. But, I did appreciate that he trusted me that much!

Do any of the things that occur in your shows stem from personal fetishes or are they simply things you decide to do on a whim?

Cutthroat: Well, I suppose that I have been performing enough, and for so long, that so much of it is my style. I have always used blood, and have been very athletic on stage, use fetish… all of these things are a part of my world and artistic toolbox. I have also been injured a lot in past shows, so I have also learned that there is art in knowing your boundaries, and magic when you know how to play with them.

Creamer: I love mannequins and they always end up around, but that’s more of an obsession than a fetish.

What plans do you have for the foreseeable months in 2019?

Cutthroat: We have more videos and singles to be released, which is really exciting. As well, we are working on a bunch of tours and upcoming shows. The plan is to be playing shows everywhere as much as possible. We just want to keep performing and creating – more, more, more!

For a nonsense question – you’re playing the game Bucket of Doom where you pull a card with a given situation and then a series of random objects. How do you get out of the situation? The situation – trapped in a room, items – wet tights, a book of spells, a squirt gun, and a prosthetic hand…

Cutthroat: Okay, first of all, I am looking at all of these objects in my room… sounds like a hot date night to me! I don’t know; I like my tights wet, I got my Book of Shadows by my bed, I got a squirt gun full of vodka, and a prosthetic hand for those lonely nights. There is no situation there. (Laughter) So let’s say, trapped in a room.



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