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Performing at this year’s Mechanismus Festival, Seattle’s DV8R speaks with Dawn Wood in a special contribution to ReGen Magazine.


An InterView with Corey Wittenborn of DV8R

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)

One of the Seattle industrial scene’s latest gems, DV8R is one of the local openers for this year’s Mechanismus Festival, with Murder Weapons vocalist and ReGen Magazine contributor Dawn Wood stating that she is especially excited to conduct this InterView “because of the band’s history being near and dear to my heart.” Vocalist Corey Wittenborn was the original guitarist for Murder Weapons, while producer/live keyboardist Kevin Preston is part of the talented filmmaker team of Tetraknot; additionally, both were in the band Endless Sunder (with Asher Vast of Tetraknot). The trio is rounded out by live drummer Matt Sharifi, with Woodkill going on to say, “It is no surprise that this much talent can only continue to produce amazing things.” DV8R’s sound can be described as reminiscent of Front 242 with a distinctly modern cyberkinetic edge with Wittenborn’s sultry, demanding vocals, Sharifi’s intoxicating drumbeats, and Preston’s over-the-top keyboard talents. Having performed at past Mechanismus events, DV8R will be sharing the stage with huge national and international acts like Suicide Commando, [:SITD:], Caustic, I:Scintilla, Continues, and Circuito Cerrado. Woodkill sat down with Wittenborn to discuss the goings on with DV8R.


How did you come up with the idea for DV8R and how is it different than when you were with Murder Weapons and Endless Sunder?

Wittenborn: I think DV8R is more like a self-evolving A.I. with a mind of its own. Matt, Kevin, and I are merely the ‘biological bootloaders’ as Elon Musk would say. (Snark) Seriously though, I have learned a lot from every project I have been a part of. I have been lucky enough to work with some talented and amazing artists. I think I bring a part of that with me into every new project.

How would you describe DV8R’s sound?

Wittenborn: DV8R is thought-provoking with a strong beat geared toward the dance floor. You can hear harsh elements and eerie sounds, but not so far over-the-top that it takes away from the melody and lyrics. DV8R paints an edgy picture of the future with a clear element of rebellion. It’s like an ominous portend of things to come.

Where would you like to see DV8R in five years?

Wittenborn: Streaming live from outer space! (Laughter) Honestly, it’s hard to know what we will be doing in five years. I focus on one release at a time, yet I want there to be a cohesive evolution in what we do. The world and technology are changing so fast, I’m sure we will be inspired by these things in the near future. We are driven to offer a creative interpretation of what is in store for humanity. Also, we would love to tour Europe!

Who are your musical influences?

Wittenborn: I really draw inspiration and influence more from non-musical sources. The fiction of William Gibson, futuristic thinkers such as Nick Bostrom, and the state of the world in general tend to get my creative wheels rolling. I’m interested in trans and post-humanism right now, as well as the ramifications of genetic modification in a world of technology. These types of inspirations set the tone of what I am trying to do and DV8R is a great project for that. As far as music I like, I have been known to listen to everything from Tactical Sekt to Crass.

How do you balance work/home/music life?

Wittenborn: Hmm, that’s a tough one. I sometimes feel like there is demon here demanding unknown sacrifices of the flesh, but I do my best to make it work. Everyone has competing priorities in life, but with enough passion, determination, and wisdom, you just might survive. I imagine finding a way to combine work and music life would make things easier, maybe someday.

Tell us about your upcoming projects/gigs?

Wittenborn: So far this summer, we are playing the Mechanismus Festival, PIGFest in Portland, and some West Coast dates with God Module. Booking is still open, so I’m not sure what else will pop up. We are currently working on an EP, a video release, and more dates this summer, so we are excited for what’s in store, stay tuned!

You are performing at Mechanismus Festival – Let’s Go to War this year? How did that come about?

Wittenborn: Yes, we are! Ali Mojallal is a longtime friend and we have played Mechanismus shows before, but wow, the Mechnismus Festival is gaining some serious momentum. We have worked closely with Thomas (Lesczenski) of [:SITD:] and Torben (Schmidt) of Suicide Commando, who are both playing the festival on June 28. I believe it was Thomas who requested that we play the same night as them and we are particularly happy to share the stage with these awesome friends. There is really going to be a lot of amazing talent at this event and I am excited to see them all!

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DV8R has a stellar full-length LP entitled Zero Hour. Tell us about this release, the recording process, remixes, and any other exciting news about it you would like to share?

Wittenborn: Making the album had its notable challenges. There were explosions, nuclear meltdowns, and dramatic struggles over stretches of wasteland. (Laughter) Kidding aside, there are a lot of benefits to a collaborative project. We are some of the nit-pickiest bastards I know, but we learned how to work together. We pass files around, sound off ideas, and critique everything along the way. In the end, I think we iron out each other’s biases and that makes for a more well-rounded end result. I am a big fan of having someone else mix and master our music for the same reasons. A fresh set of ears can make a big difference in bringing objectivity back to a piece of work. Anyway, as for details, Zero Hour is our debut album released in 2018 with Infacted Recordings; it has been getting a ton of club and radio play all over and is available from the usual sources. We hope you enjoy! We will have some exciting news coming soon!



Anything else you would like to promote?

Wittenborn: Well, I think safe sex, free speech, and thinking for yourself are important. (Laughter) Aside from that, I would like to plug the new releases by our friends [:SITD:] with ‘Sturmlicht’ and the new Murder Weapons video ‘Serpent.’ Also, Tetroknot is amazing for video production. Cheers guys and thank you, ReGen!


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