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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, legendary guitarist of Misfits and his own solo project DOYLE, speaks with ReGen Magazine about his new album DOYLE II: As We Die, his newly expanded record label, his upcoming starring role in a horror film, and the ease of being a vegan even on the road.


An InterView with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of DOYLE

By Sarah Heiber (SHeiber)

After nearly 37 years in the music world, it’s safe to say that Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is a bonafide rock & roll icon. He is instantly recognizable by his signature devilock ‘do, Frankenstein’s monster makeup, custom Annihilator guitars, his extremely tall stature, and stately muscular frame. Despite being larger than life in various ways, Doyle has a somewhat soft-spoken side and a sharp, playful dry wit about him. He started playing guitar with the horror/punk band Misfits at age 16 after working as the group’s roadie for several years and in 2013 created the eponymous band DOYLE along with lead singer Alex “Wolfman” Story. Doyle’s first record, Abominator came out during the summer of that same year with the second album, DOYLE II: As We Die on the way! Having wrapped up a tour of the East Coast with supporting act Element A440, the band will continue with a new leg of the U.S. Abominate the World Tour starting in June with support from Davey Suicide. ReGen Magazine spoke with Doyle after his set in Pittsburgh, PA to learn more about his new album, newly expanded record label, starring role in a horror film, the recent European and current U.S. tour, the ease of being vegan on the road, the joy of Nutter Butter cookies, and to witness some playful ribbing of his band mates and crew.


Amazing show, by the way. We had a great time!

Doyle: Cool! Sounded good? We were sexy? Were we sassy? (Laughter)

Yes – all of the above! I want to talk about the new album, DOYLE II: As We Die, which comes out May 5. Are there any singles out now fans can hear?


Doyle: There is one release now on preorder. It’s called ‘Run for Your Life’ – we played it tonight. We did a video for that and we did a video for the title track, ‘Kiss Me As We Die,’ but we’re not finished with that one yet.

Will it be out before the album or after the release?

Doyle: Probably after I would guess, but at the same time would be a good idea, but…



How does the new album differ from Abominator?

Doyle: We have this fine young gentleman on drums. He’s Brandon ‘The Crusher’ Pertzborn, and he’s single by the way (laughs while giving the newest bandmate a hard time). So is he (nodding towards bassist Brandon Strate). This is the ladies’ man; I don’t know what’s going on.

You guys are all handsome lads, I’ve got to say.

Doyle: Yeah! (Laughter) We have guests on the new album. We have Randy Blythe from Lamb of God on a song called ‘Virgin Sacrifice,’ and on the title track ‘Kiss Me As We Die’ we have Alissa White-Gluz and Michael Amott from Arch Enemy.

Did your current lineup also record the album with you?

Doyle: No, I played bass too.

I know you played bass on Abominator as well.

Doyle: We actually recorded them both at the same time.

Oh, I didn’t realize that. What was the recording experience like for you?

Doyle: Horrible, it was horrible. (Laughter) I hate recording; it takes forever, it’s stressful, and really hard.

Photo Credit: Maura Morgan

So you did the Misfits reunion last fall? How was it, did you have a good time?

Doyle: Yes! It was pretty funny. Those two guys are pretty funny, so it was really fun.

How did it feel to be with the original lineup again?

Doyle: Normal. Like riding a bike.

Is there any talk about a potential future Misfits reunion show?

Doyle: Not one word! Nothing!

I wanted to learn more about your label Monsterman Records. What prompted you to create your own label?

Doyle: Nobody wanted to sign me. (Laughter) We just merged with the EMP Label, which is owned by David Ellefson of Megadeth – we’re joined up together and we’re signing smaller bands like the band that opened for us, Element A440, and some other bands that we’re looking at.

Are they a distributor for Monsterman?

Doyle: Yeah, it’s going to be together. It’s a subsidiary.

DOYLE: Abominator

Do you decide which bands to sign?

Doyle: I haven’t yet. I might never, I’m too busy.

Who helps decide who to sign?

Doyle: The label… well, both labels.

Was your opening act Element A440 the first band signed to your label?

Doyle: That’s what I heard. (Laughter)

Photo Credit: Maura Morgan

Are the bands the label looking to sign genre specific or are you just looking for up and coming bands to sign?

Doyle: I’m just looking to do my own thing. I don’t pay attention to nobody. (Laughter)

You just got back from DOYLE’s first solo tour in Europe. How did that go?

Doyle: We did! It was great – the fans were great, the food was great, the venue owners too. The thing is we just took the sickness that we got there and brought it back here for you Americans to enjoy. (Doyle’s son/drum tech enters the bus) Woo! We got a sexy man on the bus. What’s happening ladies? Come on, you’ve got to dance for these girls! This is my son Richie by the way. (Laughter)

I saw in another interview where you said you thought the fans in Europe were better fans than here in the here in the U.S..

Doyle: Oh, hell yeah!


Doyle: Because they’re real fans. Did you see this crowd tonight? Were you at the show? What the fuck was that? What the fuck was that?! We were embarrassed. It was lame.

(Crew member chimes in): The booker was a fucking asshole, but I got the card from these people over here (points to different venue directly across the street). This is the proper venue. It’ll hold 600 people and the stage would’ve fit all your cabinets. Yeah, it’s called the Rex.

Yeah, next time play at the Rex. It’s an old movie theater with an open floor and it’s great for rock shows.

Doyle: Ok! I don’t give a fuck.

It used to be a rock venue called Nick’s Fat City. Then it closed down and they made it into this…

Doyle: Danceteria? (Laughter)

Photo Credit: Maura Morgan

Yeah! A dancerteria! I hope you’re not discouraged from coming back here because we’d love to have you come back through.

Doyle: We played the Alter Bar the last time. It sounded great!

Everyone loved that place. They recently closed it and actually turned it back into a church – re-consecrated it and everything.

Doyle: After all the evil stuff that went down there? Bahhhhh.

The cool thing I learned about you is that you’ll be starring in a new movie.

Doyle: I heard that too. (Laughter)

Death Ward 13 is a remake/inspired by a cult classic, Don’t Look in the Basement.

Doyle: Some other movie, yeah.

Who is your character? (Doyle shrugs) You don’t know?

Doyle: I know nothing. I signed a contract and then we did a video. We were recording the record and now we’re out here (on tour). The manager said, ‘We’re doing this,’ and I’m like, ‘Ahhhhh.’

Really, you’re not stoked about it?

Doyle: I don’t know.

I hear you’re going to play a villain called The Duke.

Doyle: Of course, I’m going to play the villain!

…who’s a psychopathic killer!

Doyle: Like real life. (Laughter)

Ok, so you’ll play Duke, the Psychopathic Killer.

Doyle: I can do that.

You seem gentle in your soul, though. I don’t see you as a psychopathic killer.

Doyle: (Smiles, then gives a stern look)

Photo Credit: Maura Morgan

Ok, so it was brought to you, but did anything pique your interest to do a horror film?

Doyle: Nah.

So more like, ‘Here’s this part, do this?’ You fit the bill.

Doyle: That’s what happens!

I heard you became a vegan a few years ago and that you’re really enjoy the lifestyle.

Doyle: I am enjoying the lifestyle.

Was it a hard transition?

Doyle: No, not at all.

How easy is it to make healthy vegan choices while on a tour?

Doyle: (Referring to tour manager and fellow vegan Robin Takizawa) She’s making it right now. That’s how easy it is! (Laughter)

Takizawa: I’m the personal chef and tour manager.

Doyle: She’s vegan so she never hands me anything that’s not, so I don’t have to think about it.

Do you have any words of wisdom for people that travel a lot that might not have that?

Doyle: Happy Cow. It’s an app where you can find any kind of restaurant you want – how close, walking distance, whatever. We just go food shopping.

Has it changed your fitness routine? I know a lot of people worry about the protein aspect of becoming a vegan.

Doyle: Everybody’s an asshole. Man, I get my protein at the store just like everyone else. Nutter Butters; it’s protein.

Nutter Butters? Are they vegan?

Doyle: Yeah! You want some? You want to party? Do you guys get fucked up? (Laughs loudly as a box of Nutter Butters is presented to me and photographer Maura) You can take them home!

Oh, but they’re not open yet. We can’t!

Doyle: (With the sweet insistence reminiscent of relatives at a holiday dinner telling you to ‘Eat!’) No, we got, we GOT… I can give those away every day and I’ll still have some. Take some!

Do you like to cook?

Doyle: Do I like to cook? I’m more of an eater. (Laughter) See I’m the one cleaning up and eating. Sometimes I like to cook. I like to cook seitan and stuff. It’s pretty fun.

Do you make a hot sauce as well?

Doyle: I don’t make it, but I sell it. You can order it on my website. It’s really good.

Man, you’ve got all kinds of cool things going on!

Doyle: (To Maura, who just ate her Nutter Butter) So, what did you think?

Morgan: It’s good, do you want one?

Doyle: No, get them away from me! (Laughter)

Photo Credit: Maura Morgan


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