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Erik Gustafson, front man for Adoration Destroyed, speaks with ReGen on the band’s latest developments, including an upcoming performance at Mechanismus.


An InterView with Erik Gustafson of Adoration Destroyed

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)

Not only is Erik Gustafson a guitarist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter, but since his last InterView in ReGen, he has added cinematography to his resume. A notable musician in the gothic/industrial world leading Adoration Destroyed and (as of 2018) as guitarist for Grendel, he has earned a high degree of respect in the scene. On top of that, as mentioned our last interview, Gustafson has also proven to be an extremely kind and humble, which can be a challenge… but not for him as his down-to earth demeanor and exceptional work ethic has lifted him to become one of today’s most sought after talents. ReGen contributor and Murder Weapons vocalist Dawn Wood states that she “is honored to be one of the bands sharing in the Mechanismus Festival spotlight with him and to have the opportunity to InterView him again.”


Since we last spoke, what has Adoration Destroyed been doing?

Gustafson: We’ve actually been very busy with remixes. Synth-slinger/backing vocalist Ritch Napierkowski and I have teamed up on remixes for Angelspit, (Tom Shear’s project) Helix, newcomers Traumabond, I Ya Toyah, and much more. It’s been a blast! Also, as you mentioned, I’ve really delved deep into making music videos for myself and others.

Tell us a little bit about Dark Side of the Con, how you became involved this year and what was it like?

Gustafson: Oh man! That was so much fun. I highly recommend anyone to go this next year. I wish I’d had more time to take it all in. Someone (I think it may have been James from Panic Lift?) coined it ‘goth spring break,’ and well, he’s not wrong – so much fun with the onesie dance parties, panels, bands, vendors, and more. So, it’s really different than just a music festival. We have worked closely with people involved with it (hi, Xris Smack!), so that was great to have the opportunity to perform.

Last year was your first in Grendel. What an exciting opportunity! Tell us about how this came about and how things are going?

Gustafson: This is, and continues to be, a fantastic opportunity. Grendel and their booking agency had been putting out feelers for a live guy, and I guess people were kind enough to suggest me. What an amazing crew! This year, I am honored and pleased to have been able to record on the new album as well.

You have new music coming out with Adoration Destroyed and Grendel. Would you tell us more?

Gustafson: Back to speaking of remixes, we’ve been so busy with back-to-back remix commissions that some of the writing of new music has gotten pushed aside. But we’re back on track and will be releasing a few singles soon – one namely being our surprise (and yes, random) cover of recent chart-topping pop icon Billie Eilish’s track ‘You Should See Me in a Crown.’

Adoration Destroyed is playing Seattle’s Mechanismus Festival – Let’s Go to War. You are playing the night with Particle Son, God Module, Double Eyelid, Hate Dept., Shiv-R and Hocico. Anything exciting you have planned for the evening?

Gustafson: We are so stoked for this! What a great bill. This will be our first fly-in festival, so the set will be a bit shorter, but certainly not short on passion, energy, and heart!

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Adoration Destroyed also played Sanctuary Festival. Tell us about that?

Gustafson: This was an amazing experience. It was a stacked bill featuring Leæther Strip, Hate Dept., newcomers Sweat Boys – these guys actually did full workouts on stage, making me realize I need to seriously up my cardio game (laughter) – as well as Voltaire, and Klack. You know, I wasn’t sure beforehand, but I learned that night, that I actually do Klack. We’re always learning in this here life.

You are always evolving and adding to your creative repertoire. Since we last spoke, you have started a cinematography company. Is this something you have been working on for a while?

Gustafson: Thank you! I’m all about that autodidact life. And yeah, I had wanted videos for AD, and after getting various price quotes and various levels of talent associated with those, I just decided to go all in and just buy cinema cameras and lenses and do the thing! My thought process was, ‘Hey, I’m techy and nerdy enough to learn this, and I have the vision for it, so why pay someone else?’ Fast forward three years, and with help from YouTube and other helpful friends and mentors, I now do this as a bit of a side business. I’m very excited to keep on shooting and improving.

How is this new project/company different for you than writing/performing music?

Gustafson: It’s actually been super cool to be behind the camera, and also handling aesthetic tasks such as color correction/film grading and editing. I have found it very fulfilling being able to help artists convey that very important visual element to their art.



You are based in Austin? How long have you lived there?

Gustafson: Austin has been home a few times. I grew up between San Antonio and Austin, and then our family moved to Stockholm, Sweden for five years when my mom re-married. But I love it here. It feels like home. It’s green, hilly, very open-minded culture, etc. Also, amazing food.

There is a lot of great talent in Austin such as yourself, Bradley Bills, Betty X, and One-Eyed Doll (just to name a few). What is it like being in a city called the live music capital of the world, notorious for great up and coming music in a plethora of genres?

Gustafson: We indeed do have lots of talent here! But I do feel that some of that ‘live music capital of the world’ stuff is just hype these days. I find it more fulfilling to focus on touring.



Anything else you would like to promote?

Gustafson: As mentioned above, I believe we will release a few new singles and music videos soon, leading up to an eventual album… or two EPs; not sure, but definitely singles first! Thank you so much for the InterView, Dawn!


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