Sep 2023 14

With a new single out now and an album soon to follow, ReGen‘s Stitch Mayo speaks with Auger founder and frontman Kyle Blaqk about the band’s rising fortunes and artistic development.


An InterView with Kyle Blaqk of Auger

Sep 2023 07

From the depths of the New York City underground comes the darkened synthpop of Like What, with Edgar Lorre speaking to founder Balazs Imre about the band’s history and musical direction.


An InterView with Balazs Imre of Like What

Aug 2023 25

After a tumultuous seven years, Filter returns with an album that celebrates the past while looking to the future, with Richard Patrick speaking with ReGen about The Algorithm.


An InterView with Richard Patrick of Filter

Aug 2023 16

With her second album slowly approaching, Guy Lecoq spoke with Staytus’ Sam Grundemann about her journey through emotional turmoil and artistic fulfillment.


An InterView with Sam Grundemann of Staytus

Jul 2023 21

Explaining the ways of cynics and cycles, Brian Haught speaks with ReGen about the first new Synical album in 11 years.


An InterView with Brian Haught of Synical

Jul 2023 19

2nd Face founder Vincent Uhlig speaks with ReGen about the artistic development of his sound and vision to become one of Dependent Records’ most exciting artists.


An InterView with Vincent Uhlig of 2nd Face

Jul 2023 11

System Syn founder Clint Carney speaks with ReGen about his artistic process, spanning the realms of music, cinema, painting, and more.


An InterView with Clint Carney of System Syn

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