Dec 2023 11

ReGen Magazine speaks with I Ya Toyah about the evolution of her music onstage and in the studio, touching on contradictions in everyday life, and more!


An InterView with Ania Tarnowska of I Ya Toyah

Nov 2023 25

Isaac Howlett speaks with ReGen about the creative progression behind Empathy Test, from crowdfunding to angering German goths and more.


An InterView with Isaac Howlett of Empathy Test

Nov 2023 24

The exuberance of glam rock collides with the political strife and synthesized fervor of industrial as Terminal founder Thomas Mark Anthony speaks with Edgar Lorre about the band’s latest creative efforts.


An InterView with Thomas Mark Anthony of Terminal

Nov 2023 21

Now signed to Metropolis Records and with a new album out, ReGen Magazine speaks with genCAB about the band’s darkly creative paths of post-industrial and gritty electro.


An InterView with David Dutton of genCAB

Oct 2023 23

Choosing exile over conformity to the unjust, VEiiLA speaks with ReGen about finding hope in the midst of darkness.


An InterView with Vif Nüte & Bes Eirid of VEiiLA

Oct 2023 11

Screaming at a world in disarray, Yvette Lera returns after a period of inactivity, and invites ReGen‘s readers along her creative journey.


An InterView with Yvette Lera

Oct 2023 04

Past and present coalesce in Guy Lecoq’s conversation with DHI founder Vicar, speaking about the band’s history, the evolution of recording technology, the failings of social media, and more.


An InterView with Vicar of DHI

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