Jul 2023 19

2nd Face founder Vincent Uhlig speaks with ReGen about the artistic development of his sound and vision to become one of Dependent Records’ most exciting artists.


An InterView with Vincent Uhlig of 2nd Face

Jul 2023 11

System Syn founder Clint Carney speaks with ReGen about his artistic process, spanning the realms of music, cinema, painting, and more.


An InterView with Clint Carney of System Syn

Jul 2023 06

Martin King speaks with ReGen about his creative and collaborative process, resulting in his most personal Dogtablet effort yet.


An InterView with Martin King of Dogtablet

Jun 2023 08

Ian Flux speaks about the formation, influence, and philosophy behind Fact Pattern’s melodic and distinctly cinematic industrial/metal.


An InterView with Ian Flux of Fact Pattern

May 2023 23

Beborn Beton offers a hopeful light to guide listeners through the darkness as Stefan Netschio speaks with ReGen about the band’s latest album.


An InterView with Stefan Netschio of Beborn Beton

May 2023 08

Prolific, pioneering, potent, and powerful, EN ESCH remains a vital force in modern industrial and electronic rock music, speaking with ReGen about his upcoming album and more.


An InterView with EN ESCH

May 2023 02

The Sun rises and yields eternal alchemical gifts as Paul Ion Barker speaks with ReGen about crafting Lead into Gold.


An InterView with Paul Ion Barker of Lead into Gold

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