Apr 2017 24

Now free to explore his creative inclinations as he sees fit, Level 2.0’s Mike Hoffman explains to Beacon College’s William Nesbitt his own personal Resurgence.
Level 2.0


An InterView with Mike Hoffman of Level 2.0

Apr 2017 18

Emily Lazar – a.k.a. September of September Mourning – speaks with ReGen Magazine about her unique transmedia project, what lead up to it, and art as a healing mechanism.
September Mourning


An InterView with Emily Lazar (September) of September Mourning

Apr 2017 07

Sin Quirin brings ReGen up to speed on his latest endeavors, including a new power metal band, recording with some industrial heavyweights, and continuing to rock in 2017 and beyond!
Sin Quirin


An InterView with Sin Quirin of MINISTRY & RevCo

Apr 2017 03

One of industrial music’s living legends, En Esch welcomes ReGen to his party and shows off his slick superfantastic style!
En Esch


An InterView with En Esch

Mar 2017 14

Two electronic adventurers join forces with a new project bursting with art and strategy, waging a musical guerrilla war against the status quo.
Crisis Actor - Electronic Eye Banner


An InterView with David Thrussell and Tony D’Oporto of Crisis Actor

Mar 2017 07

With the release of The Mute Gods’ second album, Nick Beggs graces ReGen with a cautionary reminder that hope for change without the will to carry it out will only speed up mankind’s already imminent demise.
The Mute Gods


An InterView with Nick Beggs of The Mute Gods

Mar 2017 06

From the cosmos back to Earth, 51 Peg reawakens from a long hiatus to inject its rocking electro/industrial solution into the Baltimore/DC scene and beyond once again, with the quartet speaking with ReGen about the band’s past, present, and future.
51 Peg


An InterView with Jeff Sargent, Carlo Pizarro, Brian Fasani, and Tim Phillips of 51 Peg

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