Aug 2016 25

Performing at this year’s ColdWaves V event in Chicago, Justin McGrath lets ReGen in on his life and career, bringing an end to Polyfuse to embark on a new and more exciting musical path.


An InterView with Justin McGrath of Polyfuse

Aug 2016 15

Athan Maroulis is a man of many talents, inviting ReGen into his latest musical endeavor, NOIR, and the act’s latest EP, The Burning Bridge.


An InterView with Athan Maroulis of NOIR

Aug 2016 05

The Lord of Lard returns after a long absence to preach The Gospel to the perverted masses, taking the time to invite ReGen into his salacious sonic sty.


An InterView with Raymond Watts of <PIG>

Aug 2016 01

Continuing to battle for the progressive side of the sociopolitical landscape, Jim Marcus discusses the lyrical and philosophical leanings of GoFight’s latest album, American Jihadi.


An InterView with Jim Marcus of GoFight

Jul 2016 31

Derek Walborn speaks with ReGen on the development of Ghostfeeder’s audio and visual aesthetic over the years, culminating in the band’s latest album on Distortion Productions, World Fameless.


An InterView with Derek Walborn of Ghostfeeder

Jul 2016 28

Bryan Black returns to his industrial roots with a performance at this year’s ColdWaves V, speaking with ReGen on the evolution of his corrosive techno stylings over the course of over two decades.
Black Asteroid


An InterView with Bryan Black of Black Asteroid

Jul 2016 26

Hosting the ColdWaves Soundcheck podcast and directing the Rally and Sustain documentary chronicling the history of Cracknation and the legacy of Jamie Duffy, Aaron Pollak speaks with ReGen about the upcoming ColdWaves V.
ColdWaves V


An InterView with Aaron Pollak, host of the ColdWaves Soundcheck Podcast

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