Apr 2016 29

The singularity has come and gone, and Fear Factory is the soundtrack to a brave new world where the lines between man and machine no longer apply. Read on as guitarist Dino Cazares touches on the band’s history during the Demanufacture 20th Anniversary tour!
Fear Factory


An InterView with Dino Cazares of Fear Factory

Apr 2016 22

Still one of modern music’s most revered and reviled figures, Al Jourgensen discusses with ReGen his new lease on life and music with the debut of his latest booze and pot fueled musical venture, Surgical Meth Machine!
Surgical Meth Machine


An InterView with Al Jourgensen of Surgical Meth Machine

Mar 2016 28

One of the hardest hitting and most visually striking projects in modern music, CHANT’s Bradley Bills speaks with ReGen on the development of his art and music and his observations of industrial music and the world at large to culminate in his latest album, Brave New Apocalypse.
CHANT - Bradley Bills, 2015


An InterView with Bradley Bills of CHANT

Mar 2016 24

The man who gave us the theme song to The Terminator, Brad Fiedel speaks with ReGen about his life and career and the potential for creativity that exists in everyone.
Brad Fiedel


An InterView with Brad Fiedel

Feb 2016 22

A new album, a new label, and helping to usher in a new wave of British synthpop and rock, Tenek’s Geoff Pinckney invites ReGen‘s readers through the Smoke and Mirrors of the band’s sound.
Tenek 2015


An InterView with Geoff Pinckney of Tenek

Feb 2016 20

With the band’s tenth album now released, PRONG front man Tommy Victor speaks with ReGen on the band’s creative process, his various collaborations, and shattering the delusion of humanity’s control over the world.
PRONG Logo 2014


An InterView with Tommy Victor of PRONG

Feb 2016 09

A new lineup, a new look, a new album – but it’s all that Everpresent has ever given its audience, merging atmospheric melodies and sensual grooves; vocalist Matthew Cahoon invites ReGen to his Omega Point.
Everpresent 2015


An InterView with Matthew Cahoon of Everpresent

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