Dec 2021 08

Jim Davies speaks with ReGen about the development of his new solo efforts, while also reminiscing on his past history helping to shape the electro/rock sound of the ’90s


An InterView with Jim Davies

Nov 2021 13

Hide Tepes speaks with ReGen about the creative processes that drive his latest creations as a solo artist and as the founder of Carrion.


An InterView with Hide Tepes of Carrion

Nov 2021 10

With new albums by Derision Cult and .SYS Machine, Dave McAnally invites ReGen‘s readers into the nooks and crannies of his creative process.


An InterView with Dave McAnally of Derision Cult & .SYS Machine

Oct 2021 23

Beauty in Chaos founder and curator Michael Ciravolo and vocalist Whitney Tai speak with ReGen about the musical partnership behind the band’s latest single.


An InterView with Michael Ciravolo and Whitney Tai of Beauty in Chaos

Oct 2021 20

On the eve of his latest tour, Stoneburner founder Steven Archer speaks with ReGen about the culmination of his latest album.


An InterView with Steven Archer of Stoneburner

Oct 2021 13

Now a full trio and having recently released a sophomore album, Mach FoX speaks with ReGen about the development of Zwaremachine’s sound and style over the last several years.


An InterView with Mach FoX of Zwaremachine

Oct 2021 11

From blasphemy to philanthropy, this Hollywood industrial/metal band shows us that rock & roll can be fun as well as meaningful as founder and namesake Skum Love speaks with ReGen about his music and fighting through the dark.


An InterView with Skum Love

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