Oct 2020 05

After 25 years, “The Greatest Goth Band of All Time™” returns to unleash a debut album chockfull of spooky thrills and unspeakable horrors, as the three members of Pitch Black Manor speak with ReGen about the band’s history.


An InterView with Joshua Bentley, Lyle Erickson, and Chad Fifer of Pitch Black Manor

Sep 2020 18

In a special contribution to ReGen Magazine, Carrion’s Hide Beliya’al speaks with Fade Kainer of Statiqbloom about the development of the band’s post-industrial sound to culminate in the latest album.


An InterView with Fade Kainer of Statiqbloom

Sep 2020 17

With a legacy of almost four decades at the forefront of the darkwave and goth/rock music scene, Clan of Xymox continues to provide an emotional soundtrack for the dimmest of times, with Ronny Moorings speaking about the band’s new album and life during the pandemic.


An InterView with Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox

Sep 2020 01

Joe Crow speaks with ReGen about the latest chapter in his musical evolution as 2020 sees a new band lineup and the first full-length album from Vanity Kills.


An InterView with Joe Crow of Vanity Kills

Aug 2020 06

One of the scene’s hardest working and most unifying figures, Jim Semonik speaks with ReGen about his latest creative output.


An InterView with Jim Semonik of Distortion Productions and Red Lokust

Jun 2020 26

Releasing his first album as System Syn since 2013, Clint Carney speaks with ReGen about music, art, emotions, video games, and whatever else comes to mind.


An InterView with Clint Carney of System Syn

Jun 2020 23

David Thrussell continues his campaign against consumer, corporate, and capitalist culture as he speaks with ReGen about the development of his newest SNOG album.


An InterView with David Thrussell of SNOG

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