Apr 2019 12

Drownd InterView / Music Video Premiere: "Sick Like You"
Signing to eminent U.K. imprint Armalyte Industries shortly after unveiling the “Sick Like You” single, industrial/rock act Drownd is proving to be one of the label’s most exciting new acts, with ReGen Magazine bearing the honor of premiering the band’s music video debut and speaking with the band’s striking front man and frounder Joe Crudgington. Originally released independently by the band, “the vid and track had literally been out like a few days (maybe a week?!), and it grabbed alot of attention for a completely unknown band.” Now with the label’s support, both the music video and the Sick Like You EP can make their official debut [..]

Apr 2019 10

Now on tour in Europe and the U.K., ReGen Magazine caught up with Tristan Shone of Author & Punisher during the first U.S. leg of his tour in support of his latest album, Beastland.


An InterView with Tristan Shone of Author & Punisher

Apr 2019 08

As we are now in the year of 2019, once heralded in sci-fi as a dystopian future, Front Line Assembly offers one of the band’s most diverse albums yet, with Rhys Fulber inviting ReGen‘s reader’s into its creative process.


An InterView with Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly

Apr 2019 01

From the Marmara Sea to crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the Turkish duo of She Past Away is steadily making waves in the darkwave scene around the world. ReGen now speaks with the band about its history and music.

An InterView with Volkan Caner & Doruk Öztürkcan of She Past Away

Feb 2019 14

Signing to Metropolis, French coldwave and noise/rock act FTR makes waves and breaks hearts in this special InterView that includes an exclusive stream of the new album, Manners, a day ahead of its release.


An InterView with Pauline CP of FTR

Feb 2019 12

One of the darkwave scene’s best kept secrets, Autumn has returned with great aplomb with a newly lit fire. ReGen Magazine speaks with the Minneapolis trio about their history and resurrection.


An InterView with Julie Plante, Jeff Leyda, and Neil McKay of Autumn

Feb 2019 11

William Zimmerman speaks with Chicago industrial artist I Ya Toyah about her background and the culmination of her debut full-length album, Code Blue, with a few hints about what is yet to come.


An InterView with I Ya Toyah

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