Mar 2018 30

Not only fronting Adoration Destroyed but also serving as one of the scene’s most reliable performers across numerous bands, Erik Gustafson speaks with Dawn Woodkill about his music and life as a touring musician.


An InterView with Erik Gustafson of Adoration Destroyed

Mar 2018 09

From Cubanate to Be My Enemy and now to Word Made Flesh, Phil Barry is a man of considerable talent, one of the underground electronic and industrial scene’s pioneering musicians. He speaks with ReGen about his latest musical endeavors, making things more electronic and noisy than ever!


An InterView with Phil Barry of Word Made Flesh

Mar 2018 06

Life on the road isn’t easy for a working drummer in the industrial scene – just ask Bradley Bills of CHANT… in fact, that’s what Dawn Woodkill has done, allowing us into his world of percussive and musical pursuits.


An InterView with Bradley Bills of CHANT

Feb 2018 21

Artist, musician, filmmaker, prop maker… Clint Carney is a man of many talents, all extensions of his grotesque fascinations and darkly horrific imagination, never once letting the blood or the paint dry.


An InterView with Clint Carney

Feb 2018 15

One of the hardest working and most impressive drummers in modern music, Galen Waling speaks with Dawn Wood about life on the road and behind the drum kit.


An InterView with Galen Waling

Feb 2018 12

Tour managers are often the unsung heroes in music, and Eric “Dink” Dinkelmann is one of the best and hardest working today. Murder Weapons’ Dawn Wood shares with us her conversation with Dink about life on the road.


An InterView with Eric “Dink” Dinkelmann

Feb 2018 03

ReGen‘s Brian H. McLelland speaks with Carbon Based Lifeforms on the creation of the duo’s fifth album, first music video, live performances, and blending and transcending electronic genres to take listeners on a psybient journey.
Photo Credit: Matto Fredriksson

An InterView with Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad of Carbon Based Lifeforms

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