Aug 2017 27

One of modern music’s most prolific and revered producers and mixers, John Fryer speaks with ReGen about his latest musical outlet and exposing and exploring new talent.
Black Needle Noise


An InterView with John Fryer of Black Needle Noise

Aug 2017 23

The Lord Pickles sayeth unto thee, let thy waves be cold and thy beats be industrial as fuck! Jason Novak speaks with ReGen about the ColdWaves benefit and the industrial scene he helped to create.


An InterView with Jason Novak of Cracknation and ColdWaves

Aug 2017 22

Often the unseen member of ohGr and Skinny Puppy, Mark Walk invites ReGen and its readers into his musical creation station, revealing a few Tricks up his band’s sleeve.
ohGr - Tricks


An InterView with Mark Walk of ohGr and Skinny Puppy

Aug 2017 14

Jordan Davis and Dan Dickershied, the duo better known as Relic, discuss the release and playing live in support of the band’s debut album, Pulse Code Misery.


An InterView with Jordan Davis & Dan Dickershied of Relic

Jul 2017 31

Continuing on a more spiritual exploration of the occult philosophies he lives by, Kristof Bathory speaks with ReGen about his latest musical outlet, Bornless Fire.
Bornless Fire


An InterView with Kristof Bathory of Bornless Fire and Dawn of Ashes

Jul 2017 11

L.A.’s Battle Tapes is on the electro/rock fast track with a hot new EP about to be released, further proving the band’s vibrant and atmospheric musical dynamic.
Photo Credit: Lindsey Byrnes


An InterView with Josh Boardman of Battle Tapes

Jun 2017 26

Two of the electronic scene’s most exciting talents speak with ReGen about the formation of their new creative outlet, Black Line.
Black Line


An InterView with Douglas J. McCarthy and Cyrusrex of Black Line

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