Sep 2017 19

Hailing from Philadelphia, REVillusion is a band with great promise and potential to become an innovative and inspirational voice in industrial/rock, as ReGen speaks with the band’s mastermind Brian E. Carter.


An InterView with Brian E. Carter of REVillusion

Sep 2017 18

Steven Archer takes ReGen on a journey through time and space to the desert world of Arrakis and invites us into his musical and mental process for his solo instrumental outlet Stoneburner.


An InterView with Steven Archer of Stoneburner

Sep 2017 17

Having just concluded the band’s first independent North American tour and with yet another record breaking crowdfunding campaign under its belt, Julien-K prepares to take listeners through a future retrospective with an upcoming four CD set.


An InterView with Ryan Shuck, Amir Derakh, and Anthony “Fu” Valcic of Julien-K

Sep 2017 11

From the mind that gave us Cryogen Second and Becoming the Devourer comes FIRES, a new excursion into catchy melodic dance hooks and shrill industrial textures; Eric Sochocki speaks with ReGen about his newest musical output.


An InterView with Eric Sochocki of FIRES

Sep 2017 04

At the forefront of the ’90s alternative and industrial/rock scene was Stabbing Westward; now after a long absence, the band has reunited for a series of shows and festival dates. ReGen discusses with keyboardist Walter Flakus headlining ColdWaves, industrial music, and reviving Stabbing Westward.
Stabbing Westward


An InterView with Walter Flakus of Stabbing Westward

Aug 2017 27

One of modern music’s most prolific and revered producers and mixers, John Fryer speaks with ReGen about his latest musical outlet and exposing and exploring new talent.
Black Needle Noise


An InterView with John Fryer of Black Needle Noise

Aug 2017 23

The Lord Pickles sayeth unto thee, let thy waves be cold and thy beats be industrial as fuck! Jason Novak speaks with ReGen about the ColdWaves benefit and the industrial scene he helped to create.


An InterView with Jason Novak of Cracknation and ColdWaves

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