May 2024 08

ReGen speaks with Don Gordon and James Mendez about their new collaborative project, driven by the need to create and address a world in disarray.


An InterView with Don Gordon and James Mendez of Data Void

Apr 2024 13

Martin Bowes speaks with ReGen on Attrition’s long legacy, working with friends old and new to stand as one of the most distinctive entities in darkwave.


An InterView with Martin Bowes of Attrition

Apr 2024 08

ReGen catches up with author Gerda Barker as she shares her memories of life in the Chicago art and music scene.


An InterView with Gerda Barker

Mar 2024 25

ReGen speaks with Zoè Zanias on the nature of language and text as a form of communication, relating to the sonic and instrumental properties of her prolific musical output.


An InterView with Zoè Zanias

Mar 2024 12

It’s been a long road for Alexander Julien to realize his musical and artistic inclinations with Vision Eternel, as he speaks with ReGen about the history of the project and the depths of his creative process.


An InterView with Alexander Julien of Vision Eternel

Feb 2024 14

With the release of a new single after four years, ReGen speaks with Matthew Cahoon about the history and evolution of Everpresent.


An InterView with Matthew Cahoon of Everpresent

Feb 2024 08

In the midst of touring Australia and Japan, King Yosef spoke with ReGen about his latest musical endeavors and traveling down the road to self-realization.


An InterView with Tayves Yosef Pelletier of King Yosef

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