Jun 2018 06

Dawn Wood speaks with Photona, one of the bands performing at PIGFest 3.0, about the Portland synthpop trio’s latest EP and plans to take over the universe!


An InterView with Outer Stace of Photona

May 2018 25

ReGen Magazine speaks with Jean-Marc Lederman and Jean-Luc De Meyer on their new collaboration, a work of pure creative passion that draws on their rich collective history as two giants of modern electronic music.


An InterView with Jean-Marc Lederman & Jean-Luc De Meyer of Lederman / De Meyer

May 2018 24

Maria Joaquin discusses the unique chemistry behind Strvngers, personal inspirations, and the duo’s newest release, Amor / Noir.


An InterView with Maria Joaquin of Strvngers

May 2018 22

With a new album and as one of the premier acts on the bill for this year’s PIGFest 3.0, Particle Son speaks with ReGen about the dangers of technological addiction and the need for a communal spirit in today’s goth/industrial scene.


An InterView with Vex March, Jared Scott, & Sandi Leeper of Particle Son

May 2018 21

With a Kickstarter campaign for the group’s twelfth album now underway, Sam Rosenthal speaks with ReGen about his artistic and musical process in Black Tape for a Blue Girl.
Black Tape for a Blue Girl - To Touch the Milky Way


An InterView with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl

May 2018 15

Speaking with Psy’Aviah, William Dashiell Hammett digs into the details of Yves Schelpe’s collaborative and creative process, culminating in his own testament to hope, Lightflare.


An InterView with Yves Schelpe of Psy’Aviah

May 2018 09

On the eve of his North American tour, Chris Corner speaks with ReGen about Alive in New Light, his creative process, and the future of IAMX.


An InterView with Chris Corner of IAMX

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