Feb 2019 14

Signing to Metropolis, French coldwave and noise/rock act FTR makes waves and breaks hearts in this special InterView that includes an exclusive stream of the new album, Manners, a day ahead of its release.


An InterView with Pauline CP of FTR

Feb 2019 12

One of the darkwave scene’s best kept secrets, Autumn has returned with great aplomb with a newly lit fire. ReGen Magazine speaks with the Minneapolis trio about their history and resurrection.


An InterView with Julie Plante, Jeff Leyda, and Neil McKay of Autumn

Feb 2019 11

William Zimmerman speaks with Chicago industrial artist I Ya Toyah about her background and the culmination of her debut full-length album, Code Blue, with a few hints about what is yet to come.


An InterView with I Ya Toyah

Jan 2019 08

Society of the Silver Cross speaks with ReGen Magazine, having made its debut in November 2018 with more to come from the Seattle gothic duo.


An InterView with Joe Reineke & Karyn Gold-Reineke of Society of the Silver Cross

Jan 2019 07

James Euringer – a.k.a. Jimmy Urine – speaks with ReGen‘s Brian McLelland about his latest album, the self-titled Euringer, in which all his production and songwriting skills are cranked up to 11.


An InterView with James Euringer

Dec 2018 17

In a special contribution to ReGen Magazine, Michael Mitchell speaks to the four members of the Gitane Demone Quartet about the band’s latest album, a progressive and experimental tour-de-force.


An InterView with Gitane Demone, Rikk Agnew, Deb Venom & Paul Roessler of the Gitane Demone Quartet

Dec 2018 12

Ronan Harris took his audience on a psychological journey of the self on VNV Nation’s tenth studio album, NOIRE. Here, he speaks with ReGen Magazine about that journey, and where it has taken him on his own path of reflection and evolution.


An InterView with Ronan Harris of VNV Nation

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