Dec 2019 17

Signing to Metropolis Records for the band’s third album, Stockholm’s A Projection has its sights set on the international music scene as ReGen Magazine digs into the band’s latest developments.


An InterView with Rikard Tengvall of A Projection

Nov 2019 25

With a new EP now released and a full-length album in the works, Athan Maroulis speaks with ReGen about the history and evolution of his current darkwave outlet, NØIR.


An InterView with Athan Maroulis of NØIR

Nov 2019 22

Test Dept founders Graham Cunnington and Paul Jamrozy speak with ReGen in Part 2 of a two-part InterView series, touching further on the band’s creative and artistic legacy, the development of their newer material, and the assurance that hope for the future lies in new ideas not found in the past.


An InterView with Graham Cunnington & Paul Jamrozy of Test Dept

Nov 2019 20

Often referred to as the “English Neubauten,” Test Dept remains one of the most innovative and influential entities in modern industrial music, with founding member Paul Jamrozy speaking with ReGen about the band’s history, the current state of the world, and more in Part 1 of a two-part InterView series.


An InterView with Paul Jamrozy of Test Dept

Oct 2019 09

Dan Milligan speaks with Brandy Powers-Crowe on behalf of ReGen about his latest musical endeavor, The Joy Thieves, assembling more than 30 musicians (and growing) into an exciting new creative collective.


An InterView with Dan Milligan & Ania Tarnowska of The Joy Thieves

Oct 2019 08

Touring for the first time in 14 years, the industrial music collective known as Pigface is preparing to fuck things up once again, as ReGen speaks with drummer and impresario Martin Atkins.


An InterView with Martin Atkins of Pigface

Oct 2019 07

Currently on an upward trajectory of acclaim from the electro/EBM scene, Pittsburgh’s Tragic Impulse invites ReGen and its readers into the home of “Mr. Stompy” and asks the scene “Why so serious?”


An InterView with Paul M. Graham of Tragic Impulse

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