Mar 2021 22

South African artist Thomas Mark Anthony speaks with ReGen Magazine about the culmination of his Terminal debut album, signing to Metropolis Records, and continuing to fight against prejudice and bigotry through music.


An InterView with Thomas Mark Anthony of Terminal

Feb 2021 28

Transitioning away from industrialized extreme metal into a more streamlined and accessible form of machine-driven alt. rock, Aborym founder Fabban speaks with ReGen about the band’s development and latest album.


An InterView with Fabban Giannese of Aborym

Feb 2021 20

Innovative and influential doesn’t even begin to describe cEvin Key, whose legacy and talent has now resulted in his fifth solo album wherein he invites us back into the Too Dark Park with a renewed historical context.


An InterView with cEvin Key

Feb 2021 19

Steve and Katie Petix speak to ReGen about the creation of Technophobia’s recently released and long awaited sophomore record.


An InterView with Steve and Katie Petix of Technophobia

Feb 2021 15

FTANNG! founder Dorian Deveraux speaks with ReGen about the band’s history and music, along with musings on the life of a musician in the days of COVID.


An InterView with Dorian Deveraux of FTANNG! and Jesus on Extasy

Jan 2021 20

Rhys Fulber speaks with ReGen about the legacy of Front Line Assembly, touching on the creation of the band’s new album and what the future holds.


An InterView with Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly

Jan 2021 13

After a long decade of silence, Imperative Reaction has returned with a new album, about which Ted Phelps invites ReGen readers into its creation and songwriting, with hints of a bright future ahead.


An InterView with Ted Phelps of Imperative Reaction

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