Aug 2018 06

Dawn Woodkill speaks with Adrian H, dynamic front man of Adrian H and the Wounds about the group’s performance at Portland’s PIGFest and plans for the rest of 2018.


An InterView with Adrian H of Adrian H and The Wounds

Aug 2018 01

Social and political satire, anti-corporatism, and numerous references to The Simpsons; such is the sound and style of Chicago’s CONFORMCO, as ReGen speaks with Sean Payne and Chris Harris about their latest collaboration.


An InterView with Chris Harris & Sean Payne of CONFORMCO

Jul 2018 31

With a debut album and an upcoming appearance at PIGFest 3.0, Portland electro duo Xibling speaks with Dawn Woodkill to introduce audiences to their sound.


An InterView with Julian Thieme & Moriah West of Xibling

Jul 2018 30

Demanding that his disciples prey and obey to the pulpit of pork, the mighty swine Raymond Watts speaks with ReGen about his latest artistic endeavors, from his newest album to the upcoming U.S. tour.


An InterView with Raymond Watts of <PIG>

Jul 2018 16

Always a band to challenge the injustices of the status quo and remind audiences that art, music, and culture is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all, Jim Marcus of Chicago’s GoFight speaks with ReGen about the group’s upcoming fourth album and more!


An InterView with Jim Marcus of GoFight

Jun 2018 27

Eric Powell and Jared Louche speak with ReGen Magazine about the history of H3llb3nt, with some words about the band’s revival at this year’s PIGFest and ColdWaves festivals.


An InterView with Eric Powell and Jared Louche of H3llb3nt

Jun 2018 26

God Module’s Jasyn Bangert speaks with Dawn Wood about his upcoming headlining appearance at this year’s PIGFest 3.0 along with some history behind his primary musical outlet.


An InterView with Jasyn Bangert of God Module

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