Aug 2018 24

Showcasing his capabilities as a producer and performer, Joe Haze speaks with ReGen about life on the stage and in the studio.


An InterView with Joe Haze

Aug 2018 16

While known primarily for Assemblage 23, with an upcoming appearance at ColdWaves L.A., Tom Shear embarks on a new musical adventure with Mari Kattman in Helix.


An InterView with Tom Shear of Helix and Assemblage 23

Aug 2018 13

The legendary and prolific Chris Connelly speaks with ReGen about his latest musical endeavors, telling us about the fun he has making music and being a belligerent and Revolting Cock!


An InterView with Chris Connelly

Aug 2018 12

After an extended hiatus, Pitchshifter returns to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the band’s biggest selling album with a U.K. tour. Front man J.S. Clayden speaks with ReGen about the past, present, and potential future of Pitchshifter.


An InterView with J.S. Clayden of Pitchshifter

Aug 2018 09

Rhys Fulber, one of the electronic and industrial scene’s most revered figures, speaks with ReGen about his new solo material and his upcoming appearances at this year’s ColdWaves.


An InterView with Rhys Fulber

Aug 2018 08

With an upcoming appearance at PIGFest 3.0, Dawn Woodkill speaks with Julia Marie More of Synth Witch.


An InterView with Julia Marie More of Synth Witch

Aug 2018 07

Dawn Woodkill InterViews the Femme Fatale of Portland’s Dead Animal Assembly Plant.


An InterView with Rebecca Wager of Dead Animal Assembly Plant

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