Mar 2020 31

In October 2019, Reagan Jones and Andrew Sega spoke with ReGen about their creative evolution over the course of two decades to explain how IRIS has become the preeminent North American synthpop band.


An InterView with Reagan Jones & Andrew Sega of IRIS

Feb 2020 14

Pitchshifter knows how to spread the love with the Valentine’s Day release of an anniversary single and continuing to take a few sharp jabs at politics and the record industry in this special InterView with front man J.S. Clayden.


An InterView with J.S. Clayden of Pitchshifter

Jan 2020 22

You can’t keep a good Scotsman down, as Chris Connelly proves to be one of the most creatively prolific forces in modern music, giving ReGen some insight into his latest string of releases and collaborations.


An InterView with Chris Connelly

Jan 2020 03

Neither dead nor gone, Stabbing Westward starts off 2020 with the band’s first new music in over 18 years, with ReGen Magazine now presenting this InterView with one of the most iconic voices of the ’90s.


An InterView with Christopher Hall of Stabbing Westward

Jan 2020 01

The Norwegian goblin king of dungeon synth embarks on a new reign of blackened mystical wonder as ReGen speaks with Mortiis about his new album, Spirit of Rebellion, and the circular path of his storied career.


An InterView with Håvard Ellefsen of Mortiis

Dec 2019 17

Signing to Metropolis Records for the band’s third album, Stockholm’s A Projection has its sights set on the international music scene as ReGen Magazine digs into the band’s latest developments.


An InterView with Rikard Tengvall of A Projection

Nov 2019 25

With a new EP now released and a full-length album in the works, Athan Maroulis speaks with ReGen about the history and evolution of his current darkwave outlet, NØIR.


An InterView with Athan Maroulis of NØIR

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