Oct 2021 20

On the eve of his latest tour, Stoneburner founder Steven Archer speaks with ReGen about the culmination of his latest album.


An InterView with Steven Archer of Stoneburner

Oct 2021 13

Now a full trio and having recently released a sophomore album, Mach FoX speaks with ReGen about the development of Zwaremachine’s sound and style over the last several years.


An InterView with Mach FoX of Zwaremachine

Oct 2021 11

From blasphemy to philanthropy, this Hollywood industrial/metal band shows us that rock & roll can be fun as well as meaningful as founder and namesake Skum Love speaks with ReGen about his music and fighting through the dark.


An InterView with Skum Love

Oct 2021 05

“The Serpent is eternal,” as Sam Rosenthal explains of the new audiovisual narrative behind his latest offering as the creative force behind longstanding darkwave act Black Tape For a Blue Girl.


An InterView with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl and Projekt Records

Sep 2021 15

Two luminaries of exploratory and experimental sound offer us a seafaring collaborative album, with ReGen digging into the philosophy that binds this communal effort.


An InterView with Mark Spybey of Dead Voices On Air / Robert Galbraith and Elizabeth Virosa of Snowbeasts

Aug 2021 15

With Mildreda’s debut album forthcoming on Dependent Records, Jan Dewulf speaks about the band’s sound and method, drawing on the darker side of electro/industrial.


An InterView with Jan Dewulf of Mildreda

Jul 2021 07

An era ends, and a new one begins as Fear Factory’s sole founding member Dino Cazares carries the mantle of cybermetal forward with the band’s tenth album and encouraging fans to embrace change and not give in to fear.


An InterView with Dino Cazares of Fear Factory

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