Aug 2020 06

One of the scene’s hardest working and most unifying figures, Jim Semonik speaks with ReGen about his latest creative output.


An InterView with Jim Semonik of Distortion Productions and Red Lokust

Jun 2020 26

Releasing his first album as System Syn since 2013, Clint Carney speaks with ReGen about music, art, emotions, video games, and whatever else comes to mind.


An InterView with Clint Carney of System Syn

Jun 2020 23

David Thrussell continues his campaign against consumer, corporate, and capitalist culture as he speaks with ReGen about the development of his newest SNOG album.


An InterView with David Thrussell of SNOG

Jun 2020 22

Reminiscing on the band’s debut album, 51 Peg celebrates 20 years of releasing music to the masses with a new EP and speaks not only about the band’s future, but also the future of live music in a post-pandemic world.


An InterView with Jeff Sargent, Carlo Pizarro, Brian Fasani, & Tim Phillips of 51 Peg

May 2020 15

Megan Walters sits down with various members of the Chicago collective known as The Joy Thieves to gain some further insight into the collaborative spirit that drives this enigmatic and energetic musical entity.


An InterView with Dan Milligan, Matthew Clark, James Scott, Mimi Wallman, Eric Liljehorn, Mike Reidy, and Chris Connelly of The Joy Thieves

May 2020 12

Feeling more anger, and conversely more love and forgiveness than ever before, German industrial/electro-pop act Rotersand provides a beacon of light in dark times, asking you How Do You Feel Today?


An InterView with Rascal “Rasc” Nikov & Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg of Rotersand

May 2020 11

ACTORS front man Jason Corbett speaks with ReGen about the band’s prolific activity, discussing the inner dynamics of the quartet, and shedding some light on the dark world of post-punk.


An InterView with Jason Corbett of ACTORS

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