Feb 2024 14

With the release of a new single after four years, ReGen speaks with Matthew Cahoon about the history and evolution of Everpresent.


An InterView with Matthew Cahoon of Everpresent

Feb 2024 08

In the midst of touring Australia and Japan, King Yosef spoke with ReGen about his latest musical endeavors and traveling down the road to self-realization.


An InterView with Tayves Yosef Pelletier of King Yosef

Jan 2024 25

The Ultra Heavy Beat is going strong after 40 years, as ReGen happily presents this InterView with Käpt’n K, along with the announcement of the new single, “AIRHEAD.”


An InterView with Sascha ‘Käpt’n K’ Konietzko of KMFDM

Jan 2024 24

Titans of Neue Deutsche Härte, OOMPH! spoke with ReGen as the band was about to hit the road for the European tour this past November.


An InterView with Crap, Flux, & Der Schulz of OOMPH!

Jan 2024 22

Edgar Lorre speaks with Night Nail about the magical effects of romance, life, and music in Berlin to result in the band’s third album.


An InterView with Brandon Robert of Night Nail

Jan 2024 16

Nathan Reiner speaks with ReGen on his latest endeavors under the banner of Third Realm, discussing his creative process, a bit of gear talk, and self-care.


An InterView with Nathan Reiner of Third Realm

Jan 2024 13

Now signed to Metropolis and with a new album garnering considerable acclaim, ReGen digs into Kadri Sammel’s creative impulses behind Bedless Bones.


An InterView with Kadri Sammel of Bedless Bones

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