Nov 2022 21

Squid Tiberius Widget speaks with the live trio of Null Device about what makes the band tick, both onstage and on the group’s latest album.


An InterView with Eric Oehler, Kendra Kreutz, & Jill Sheridan of Null Device

Nov 2022 08

The Electrowoman Gabrielle Gustafson speaks about the realization of dreamt realities following the release of her debut album as EVA X.


An InterView with Gabrielle Gustafson of EVA X

Nov 2022 02

In this special contribution to ReGen, Naturata Brutalismus demonstrates the shades of light and darkness explored within the band’s music.


An InterView with Emilio Cordero Checa of Naturata Brutalismus

Nov 2022 01

The prodigies of “Samurai Street Rock” known as Jeremiah Kane return and speak about the new album in this special contribution


An InterView with Jeremiah Kane

Oct 2022 28

In a special contribution to ReGen Magazine, Jim Marcus speaks with his friend and onetime band mate Jane Jensen to dig deep into the artistic wellspring that is her life.


An InterView with Jane Jensen

Oct 2022 25

From the apocalyptic endzeit of the past to the apoplectic zeitgeist of the modern era, Mona Mur explains to ReGen just how she remains such a vital force to be reckoned with.


An InterView with Mona Mur

Oct 2022 23

ReGen speaks with Contracult Collective’s Svart about the band’s forthcoming full-length album, the Los Angeles industrial/metal scene, the current state of the music industry, and more!


An InterView with Travis “Svart” Bacon of Contracult

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