Jun 2024 05

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Live events have begun to return with something like a roar in the post-pandemic world, and we fans are blessed for finally feeling the pendulum’s return swing. Among those capitalizing on it is the ever-militant Greg Puciato, who in 2023 unfurled a monstrous tour [..]

Apr 2024 01

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Continuing their spate of European shows, Michael Gira and his flock of Swans returned to North America to perpetuate the sonic abuse and beauty characteristic of their careers. Opening each night was former Swan Norman Westberg; with a resume like few others, his time with the band starting with the ever-iconic Filth, the only question one might have is why Westberg isn’t playing with the band. However, after almost four decades of collaboration, perhaps a change of pace is both a healthy and a necessary choice. [..]

Apr 2023 05

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Although this writer does not have a fond affinity for nü-metal, particularly during the genre’s initial impact in the mid-’90s to the early-’00s, it was a still a means for metal as a whole to being embracing new formulas and sounds – hip-hop rhythms, distorted electronics, samples, metallic percussion, noise, and more found their way into the style [..]

Mar 2023 27

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There is a very palpable satisfaction when a tour finally happens, as was the case when the legendary Dutch darkwave act Clan of Xymox commenced the long delayed tour of North America over the past month. [..]

Nov 2022 14

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The Industrial Strength Tour that had initially been planned for 2020 did finally happen this year… just not in its original configuration as KMFDM had ultimately been left off the final roster after two rescheduling attempts. That’s not to say that Käpt’n K and company didn’t do well to maintain a relatively active presence [..]

Apr 2022 07

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When MINISTRY first announced the Industrial Strength Tour in early 2020, rivetheads rejoiced as the band would be joined by fellow pioneers of the industrial scene KMFDM and Front Line Assembly. Sadly, circumstances seemingly beyond control necessitated the tour’s postponement to this year, with the supporting slots now filled by heavy metal band Corrosion of Conformity and noise rock act Melvins [..]

Sep 2020 23

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In these times of social distancing and isolation to quell the spread of the pandemic, the need for personal interaction and congregation is being felt around the world. The cancellation of numerous tours, shows, and festival events combined with the closure of clubs and venues has left an indelible void in the hearts of all who find solace in music. Live shows are more than a chance to see one’s favorite bands perform on a stage – they’re an opportunity for genuine human contact, the exchange of shared tastes, ideas, and emotions. In this writer’s estimation, no festival event accomplishes this more than ColdWaves [..]

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