May 2018 09

Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC – 04-19-2018


The line stretched around the block for IAMX’s first U.S. show of the Alive in New Light Tour, hot on the heels of the band’s latest release. A mixture of longtime loyalists and curious newbies eagerly mingled while waiting to be let in from the cold. Washington, DC’s Rock & Roll Hotel is a perfect venue to host IAMX [..]

May 2018 02

Damsel in the Dollhouse is Nina Dove, bringing you her brand of industrial strength and beauty. No mere chanteuse, she is the one responsible for turning the knobs and programming those eighth notes, all the while delivering her stunning vocal performance. With her latest album, Provocateur, along with a companion remix album out now for free at Bandcamp, Dove speaks with Gabe Wilkinson for ReGen Magazine‘s The 6ix List!

Damsel in the Dollhouse

Apr 2018 09

Having released its third album, Behind the Fallen Monuments of Time in May of 2017 via Latex Records, Introspect Void founder – Marshall Wright, a.k.a. Swamp – takes on ReGen‘s The 6ix List.

The 6ix  List - Introspect Void: Swamp

Apr 2018 02

What more can be said about The Gothsicles? Since the 2006 release of the NESferatu debut album, the band has been on a steady upward trajectory that has shown no signs of slowing down.

The 6ix List - The Gothsicles: Brain Graupner

Mar 2018 26

As the next entry in ReGen Magazine‘s The 6ix List, Gabe Wilkinson delivers unto us a singularly unusual band. But who better to explain the Finnish Anti-Gnome musical mania that is TONTTU than the band’s leader, the TonttuFinderGeneral Hanz-Baal?


Hanz-Baal: TONTTU is the musical division of The Anti-Gnome Army playing exclusively Anti-Gnome/martial/industrial/neo-folk/metal. Our roots are in Finland and we have been raising awareness about gnomes and their evil schemes since 1997… some would say earlier, but would that make the difference? I think not, so let us leave it to that. After gnomes kidnapped our beloved founding member Petja, we reached this current form in 2013 when we activated again. [..]

Mar 2018 12

Dave McAnaly is the man behind The Derision Cult, but he has not one, but at least four projects at any given time spanning many different genres. The Derision Cult is his project that fits our little genre in the world of music. McAnaly has been writing and recording since the early ’90s and this writer has had the privilege of working with him in Microwaved. On February 18, he released No Esteemed Deeds; here, he speaks with us about the thought process behind the album, leading into how his 6ix List relates to his latest album.

The 6ix List – The Derision Cult

Mar 2018 05

Venezuelan electro producer Carlos Henriquez checks in with ReGen Magazine for our second entry in The 6ix List. Writing dark techno and EBM, his project NOUSIA had made waves in the underground. See what makes him tick and what influenced him to create the music you hear today.

The 6ix List - NOUSIA

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