Apr 2020 22

A Pigface tour can certainly yield some logistical challenges – as a band with an ever fluid lineup of musicians from all across the spectrum of the underground scene, one is never really sure what will happen. Who is going to be available? How many nights of the tour will any one musician be able to perform? What songs will the band play? Who is in the band for the first time? Is that a sitar on stage? Did I just hear a violin? Why is Krztoff from BILE in a neck brace? I thought those two guys hated each other, but they’re harmonizing vocals? How many drummers does this band have? Am I less drunk than the band? What is going to happen? You never really know… only that it is going to be a singularly awesome experience. [..]

Apr 2020 20

As we all trudge through the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for entertainment of any kind has grown significantly in the past several weeks as so many concerts and live events have been cancelled or postponed, venues forced to shut down, bands and artists having to socially distance as much as the rest of us. Sure, many are live streaming and creating makeshift videos and continually finding ways to keep creating, but very little can replace the experience of actually going to a show, feeling the hum of the speakers, the squeal of the feedback, participating in the roar of the audience, and seeing musicians onstage. A photo or video of a live show tends to be a poor substitute for the experience, but they at least provide a document, a reminder of the power of music felt and shared on a particular night. With this in mind, ReGen is culling the archives to present a series of previously unpublished photo galleries from shows we’ve attended over the past 18 months. [..]

May 2019 14

ReGen Magazine wants to make sure we are always referring to people in ways that are responsive to their personal identity and dignity. To that end, we welcome artists reaching out to us to make us aware of any changes to or updates on their gender identity and preferences. We will, if the artist wants, happily revise any past articles – all ReViews, InterViews, and News items. We value accuracy and respect.


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Oct 2018 22

The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO – 09/03/2018


Kansas City was the next to last show in Glitch Mode Recordings’ summer Decode Tour, which featured flagship act Cyanotic accompanied by KANGA, Amelia Arsenic, RELIC, and For All the Emptiness. Performing 24 shows in 32 days with five bands can be difficult, but this cybernetic conglomeration made it an exercise in efficiency with the requirement of only seven people to make all five bands work. [..]

Oct 2018 22

Bar XIII, Wilmington, DE – 08/02/2018


There was quite an abundance of summer tours in the industrial and hard electronic scene in 2018. One of the most anticipated was the Glitch Mode Decode Tour, a showcase of two of the independent imprint’s finest acts – Cyanotic and Amelia Arsenic – with associated acts KANGA and For All the Emptiness, as well as a few special guests along the way. Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans, and the first night of the tour was already brimming with difficulties that necessitated the absence of two of the main acts; it was the sort of setback that has been known to break other performing acts, but like a Skynet Terminator, the Glitch Mode Squad “absolutely will not stop!” [..]

Oct 2018 09

Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD – 09/10/2018


Killing Joke… well, what else needs to be said? More of an institution than a band after four decades, Killing Joke has remained one of the most vital and relevant artistic entities in existence – defying the conventions of genre, never adhering to trends, holding fast to a staunchly sociopolitical outlook, and with each member as revered for their creative pursuits outside the band. By the same token, <PIG> has also garnered its own reputation as one of the industrial music scene’s most ardently perverted and aggressively creative figures. Both of these musical titans embarked on their own respective tours in celebration of their longevity and continued success [..]

Oct 2018 08

Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD – 09/09/2018


With all three bands performing at this year’s ColdWaves events, it’s only natural that a tour should coincide – with two legends of the industrial music scene joined by a promising newcomer, the 2018 tour of ohGr, Lead into Gold, and Omniflux has proven to be one of the year’s most anticipated and exciting events. [..]

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