Jul 2017 26

Bar XIII, Wilmington, DE – 07/08/2017
I Love Industrial 2017-07-08


Standing on the outskirts of Wilmington, DE on Philadelphia Pike, Bar XIII may not be the largest venue one would expect to see and hear some of the most raucous and ravishing bands in the industrial music scene, but it has proven to be one of the most reliable. On the warm Saturday night of July 8, 2017, the venue continued its tradition of original music, strange people, and craft beer with the I Love Industrial night – presented and hosted by eminent scene DJs Mike Saga and Elijvh Vrms to keep the bass and the beats pumping, this night was a special presentation of not only three of the surrounding local scene’s hardest hitting industrial/metal acts, but also showcased a headlining performance from Los Angeles powerhouse 3TEETH!


Jul 2017 06

Small’s Bar, Detroit, MI – 06/28/2017
Prey & Obey Tour 2017 #1 - Detroit, MI


Jul 2017 05

Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD – 06/16/2017
The Birthday Massacre - Under Your Spell Tour 2017


May 2017 23

Here’s a thought experiment worth investing some time in:


First, let’s consider that from 750 AD on, Arabs kidnapped, killed, and stole Africans. Starting in 1441 or so, Europeans kidnapped, killed, and stole Africans for nearly 450 years. In the colonies, we tend to think that it began in 1619. But by then, there were millions of enslaved Africans in Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, and all over the American territories. Africans were killed and left to die in the act of acquiring them and war and village raids were core sources of that acquisition, leaving sometimes three times the number of people taken, dead.


May 2017 18



It is very difficult, or perhaps even impossible to express in words the sense of adulation, the near orgasmic thrill that one feels having experienced a live performance that surpasses in the presentation of audio and visual stimuli so massive that it sets a benchmark of excellence toward which all should aspire. Those who have had the good fortune of attending one of Rammstein’s legendary concerts will know exactly what that means. The group’s repertoire blends elements of industrial clamor, heavy metal aggression, melodic catchiness, and electronic dance into a style that, while often characterized as Neue Deutsch Härte (New German Hardness) or even more simply industrial/metal, the band has crafted into something that is very distinctly its own. Such music almost necessitates an equally dynamic live presentation, so it’s no wonder that the East German sextet has spent two decades constantly upping the ante and creating a concert experience that has rightfully been heralded as one of the world’s most theatrically expansive and most entertainingly over-the-top live shows. [..]

May 2017 05

Diesel, Pittsburgh, PA – 04/14/2017
DOYLE @ Diesel


May 2017 01

Diesel, Pittsburgh, PA – 03/21/2017
DOPE/Combichrist - Blood Lust Death Tour 2017


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