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The State Theatre, Falls Church, VA – 07/31/2015
KMFDM - Salvation Tour 2015


There are few things more gratifying than when a band survives for any length of time despite overwhelming opposition from the natural flow of time – a flow that brings with it changes in technology, the industry, and the very audience. For over three decades, the Ultra-Heavy Beat has been going strong and with the 2015 Salvation tour, KMFDM is showing no signs of losing steam any time soon. [..]

Jun 2015 02

ColdWaves IV


When ReGen Magazine published its listing of the Top 20 Albums of 2014, featuring Cocksure’s much revered TVMALSV debut in the #2 position, Jason Novak referred to the list as “the stuff of intelligence, taste, and a great attitude towards edgy and dark music, crossing through different styles and sounds, all the while respecting a common theme.” This writer can think of no better description for a certain music festival spearheaded by Novak and WTII Records’ David Schock, held in Chicago every September as a celebration of the life of producer/musician Jamie Duffy and the music he loved and helped to create: ColdWaves. [..]

Jun 2015 02

KMFDM - We Are KMFDM DVDKMFDM – the multinational industrial/rock collective that continues after three decades to be one of the defining voices of a generation (or perhaps two or three by this point) with an aggressive mix of hard rock riffs, energetic rhythms and bass lines, and sardonic, politically-charged lyrics that range from bitter cynicism to self-effacing humor. In 2013, the band celebrated “29 years of conceptual continuity” with not one but two tours, the latter of which was the 30th Anniversary We Are KMFDM tour [..]

Jun 2015 02

Front Line Assembly - Kampfbereit <Combat-Ready> DVDFor three decades, the name of Front Line Assembly has been synonymous with underground electro/industrial music; renowned for innovative production techniques that blend cinematic soundscapes, pulsating EBM rhythms and bass lines, and aggressive yet subtly melodic song structures, Bill Leeb and his revolving door of collaborators have given voice to a generation and a style of music that remains as vital as when it first emerged in 1986. [..]

Jun 2015 02

The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD – 05/05/2015
MINISTRY - From Beer to EternaTour


In 2009, MINISTRY embarked on the C.U.LaTour, riding on the wave of what was then purported to be the final album from the band, The Last Sucker. It perhaps might have been a fitting conclusion [..]

Jan 2015 29

At the beginning of every year, when the time for reflection on the past 12 months is still very much in the minds of many, ReGen Magazine offers its readers a list of 20 Albums voted on by the staff to be the best of the year. However, over the course of the last decade (if not longer), as the means for artists to distribute their music more directly to a wider audience, coupled with the growing demands of that audience for more music to enjoy and consume, the album as a format has taken something of a backseat to the shorter, less cumbersome EP. While not necessarily less substantive in terms of the content presented by the musicians and producers, although certainly offering less material in a shorter time for lower prices… or if not necessarily less material, as evidenced by the abundance of the still popular supplement of remixes, then less original or “new” material. Some use the EP format in lieu of the album in order to maintain a consistent and healthy outflow of material to sate the demands of the audience, releasing as many as three or four EPs in the span of a year, while others take the approach that EPs are a perfect medium to build interest – hype, if you will – in a larger and fuller presentation currently in progress. Both directions offer pragmatic alternatives to the album format to still provide the fans with more bang for their bucks, and 2014 was in no shortage of EP releases from many a prominent act.
So in a marginal change of pace, ReGen Magazine is proud to offer the Top 10 EPs of 2014 – our own shorter companion to the article celebrating the year’s best albums.

Jan 2015 28

As is customary – and perhaps inevitable – when each New Year begins, people often look back on the preceding 12 months, reflecting on the way we live our lives and on ways to improve ourselves as time progresses. Among the many ways people reminisce is in formulating lists of the best moments of the last year, and ReGen Magazine is no exception. Therefore, we are proud to present to our readers ReGen‘s Top 20 Albums of 2014, offering a helping of those albums that made a significant impact on music.
For ReGen‘s staff, it couldn’t get much better than these albums, the crème de la crème of creativity and artistic expression in industrial/goth/electro music.
We at ReGen Magazine truly hope that you enjoy our list of the Top 20 Albums of 2014.

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