Mar 2016 15

Julien-K premieres "Mannequin Eyes" music video via the fans
Having successfully crowdfunded the release of the band’s latest single, “Mannequin Eyes” as a special teaser for the upcoming Nightlife in Neon, electro/rock band Julien-K has unveiled the music video for the single via the fans. [..]

Feb 2016 22

Silver Spring, MD, Fillmore, 09/22/2015
Ghost - live in Silver Spring, MD by Katherine Gaines


In a few short years, Sweden’s Ghost has risen to the heights of international acclaim from both critics and audiences. With each band member adorned in matching costumes that present an image true to their moniker, vocalist Papa Emeritus III being the most distinguished with a prosthetic skull face that has been described as a form of “demonic anti-Pope,” it would be easy to dismiss Ghost as all style and no substance… that is, until one hears the band’s vicious and decidedly blasphemous brand of doom-laden Satanic gothic/metal. [..]

Oct 2015 24

Celldweller - Transmissions Vol. 01Celldweller
Categroy: IDM / Ambient / Drone
Album: Transmissions (Vol. 01 & Vol. 02)
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Transporting the listener through the immeasurable gulfs of infinite space, Celldweller offers a different atmospheric take on his cosmic musical outlook.


Oct 2015 23

Masquerade, Atlanta, GA – 10/13/2015
Genitorturers - Fall Tour 2015


“Ooh, you should wait until she gets her hooks into her dog/pig gimp slave – so badass!”


Uh, excuse me; what now? It’s difficult not to pay attention when one receives a text like this before a show. In retrospect, this seemed to be one of me milder visual elements to be viewed this event. But before I get too ahead of myself, it might be appropriate to offer a little word of warning: If you are reading this article hoping for someone with an advanced knowledge of the entire Genitorturers discography, you may want to look elsewhere; short of listening to “Lecher Bitch” on repeat while in a virtual goth club while playing Vampire, The Masquerade: Bloodlines, along with perhaps a few other singles, this writer has almost zero knowledge of this band. I’ve heard plenty of stories, but finally, I was able to experience things for myself – at a music venue called Masquerade, no less… it all comes back around, doesn’t it? [..]

Oct 2015 08

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Saturday, 09/26/2015
ColdWaves IV


The first night of the fourth installment of Chicago’s foremost industrial music festival – ColdWaves – was a raucous and energetic introduction in a more intimate setting, acting as a primer for the sustained heaviness of the subsequent main events. The following night showcased ColdWaves IV’s distinguished and remarkably different atmospheric focus from the past with a greater emphasis on noisier and more experimental acts, culling from the darker ambient, emotionally decrepit, and perhaps even apocalyptic perceptions of human existence. While not lacking in energy, it was certainly a different tone, but one that appropriately exhibited the industrial music genre’s diversity and the levels to which different styles come into play even within the parameters of coldwave. Given ColdWaves’ standing as a tribute to the late Jamie Duffy and, with the partnership of Hope for the Day, is an ever strengthening voice in suicide prevention, the frailty of the artistic side of the human condition was laid bare on this first night, but it was perhaps not completely felt – at least, as far as this writer perceived – in its fullness until this second night of ColdWaves IV. [..]

Oct 2015 06

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Friday, 09/25/2015
ColdWaves IV


By the end of the first night of any festival, there is always a question as to whether attendance will continue to grow or if the energy of that initial hit will leave the audience too spent to maintain for much longer. Thankfully, ColdWaves IV’s Kick-Off party – while delivering a rather intense triad of industrial aggression in the form of Die Sektor, Rabbit Junk, and Acumen Nation – was a smaller, more intimate affair; one that did well to start the proceedings off loudly and proudly, but also allowing for the more voluminous crowd of the main event to fortify itself. For the third year in a row, Chicago’s eminent industrial festival honoring the memory of Jamie Duffy and raising awareness for suicide prevention held court at one of the city’s most revered venues: The Metro; a large, multi-level concert hall that has for decades been a haven for the best acts in underground music to perform and make their mark in the home of American industrial. [..]

Oct 2015 05

The Double Door, Chicago, IL – Thursday, 09/24/2015
ColdWaves IV


Festival events are nothing new, even in a niche scene such as the industrial/electro/goth scene; however, few seem to possess so focused a sense of purpose as Chicago’s ColdWaves. Since 2012, the Windy City has hosted this momentous event as not only a celebration of the life and music of Jamie Duffy, one of Chicago’s most revered musicians and sound engineers, but also to shed a bright light on suicide and the pressures that lead many to take their own lives. With the participation of the Hope for the Day foundation for suicide prevention, ColdWaves has grown from a tribute concert to become one of the most emotionally charged and poignant festival events in the underground music scene. [..]

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