Nov 2017 03

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Saturday, 09/30/2017
ColdWaves VI


The waves of cold air continued to flow through the Windy City on this sunny Saturday evening of September 30, beginning the second of three nights of ColdWaves VI. One of the many heartening aspects of this particular gathering of the industrial music scene is not only the diversity of music but that of the crowd as well; fans of experimental and atmospheric industrial and exploratory sound mingle with those that prefer melodic and lyrical expression or even the more primal urges to simply move one’s feet and shake one’s fists on the dance floor. With this year spanning three nights and offering the largest and one of the most varied artist rosters ever, ColdWaves is an opportunity not just for musical discovery but also for friends old and new to share in this industrial community [..]

Nov 2017 02

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Friday, 09/29/2017
ColdWaves VI


Five years after the departure of Jamie Duffy, the sixth entry in the Chicago ColdWaves event perhaps bore some of the deepest scars in the fight against depression and suicide. As ReGen associate John Galope had stated in the Digressions podcast, “dark music for people with dark thoughts,” more than adequately describing the varying styles of industrial, goth, electro that encompass this music scene. But this year, the reverberations of that statement extended into wider territory [..]

Sep 2017 13

ReGen Exclusive: Slighter remix by Keith Hillebrandt from deluxe edition of upcoming albumSlighter – the electro/industrial project of Colin Cameron Allrich – has announced the September 25 release of a new album, titled Erode, via Confusion Inc., with a deluxe edition available exclusively on Bandcamp. The deluxe edition of Erode, which will be released in digital download and CD formats, includes a bonus track and five remixes, including one by renowned musician/producer Keith Hillebrandt (ex-Nine Inch Nails). “I was very excited to work on a remix finally with Colin, as we’ve been talking about this for a while,” Hillebrandt stated, further commenting that his Error’d Out mix of “Error” was “really perfect for the type of remixing I like to do – complex, deep sound source with a lot of guitars for me to manipulate.” [..]

Sep 2017 07

Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD – 08/17/2017


With two Gold albums and several hit singles that dominated radio and MTV in the late ’90s, Stabbing Westward holds a special place in the memories of many an industrial and alternative rock fan from that era. Vulnerability and aggression in equal doses, the band’s songs played as soundtrack to all the heartache and turmoil of anyone who felt the weight of emotional collapse. Since disbanding in 2002, the band members had gone on to other creative pursuits, with keyboardist Walter Flakus joining vocalist Christopher Hall’s band The Dreaming in 2015. In 2016, with the return of guitarist Marcus Eliopulos and touring drummer Johnny Haro, Stabbing Westward’s spark had been reignited [..]

Aug 2017 15

Philadelphia, PA, The Trocadero, 10/31/2016
Milwaukee, WI, The Rave, 04/04/1999
Stabbing Westward - live in Philadelphia by Katherine Gaines


Stabbing Westward is a band that needs no introduction – spearheaded by front man Christopher Hall and keyboardist Walter Flakus, Stabbing Westward’s music was an aggressive blend of grating alternative metal riffs with scathing melodies, propelling the band to become one of the prominent figures in ’90s alternative and industrial/rock. [..]

Aug 2017 15

Bar XIII, Wilmington, DE – 08/05/2017
Prey & Obey Tour 2017 #3 - Wilmington, DE


Jul 2017 26

The DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA – 07/13/2017
Prey & Obey Tour 2017 #2 - San Francisco, CA


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