Oct 2016 12

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Friday, 09/23/2016
ColdWaves V


“I can’t believe it’s the fifth year.” Such were the words uttered to this writer at this year’s ColdWaves V in Chicago, the fellow patron’s face bearing the simultaneous traces of astonishment at so monumental an achievement and sadness for the circumstances that brought the event about – the passing of Jamie Duffy, one of the Windy City’s most beloved and celebrated musical personalities. Having earned a formidable reputation on and off the stage, in and out of the studio, Duffy’s life and music helped to shape what we now think of as the underground industrial/rock scene, his skills having served to strengthen both longtime veterans and up-and-coming acts. Carrying on this legacy, ColdWaves has served as a platform not only for new and burgeoning bands to make their mark but also for long defunct legends to reunite and remind audiences of the music that created this scene, with this year’s events heralding some of the most anticipated performances from both ends of the spectrum.


Sep 2016 20

Stimulate, New York City – 09/16/2016
The Cocks


Once upon a time, before people stopped buying vinyl and then started again, and before literally everyone in Brooklyn was a music producer, there were few notable stars in the industrial scene. And there was perhaps no single bigger personality than “Uncle Al” Jourgensen, that temporarily faux Brit of “Revenge”-era MINISTRY Cuban American who one day suddenly spilled out all over the scene and turned music into a chain-linked drugged out haze of cowboy twang and chunky guitar riffs. Chasing dragons and immortality from Chicago to Texxarkana, ’80s Al had the Midas touch, and the power-packed stadium sludge of his Revolting Cocks could do no wrong. It’s ironic, then, that as the band reunited founding members Luc van Acker and Richard 23 alongside past participants Paul Barker and Chris Connelly for a limited six date tour as The Cocks that kicked off Friday night at Stimulate in New York City, Al would be the only one absent. [..]

Aug 2016 17

James Woolley (1966-2016)
On August 16, 2016, Kate Van Buren announced that her ex-husband, James Woolley had passed away over the prior weekend. If that name sounds familiar, it is rightly so – he was perhaps most widely known as the keyboardist for Nine Inch Nails, having served in the band from 1991 to 1994. If you’ve seen the music videos for “Wish” and “March of the Pigs” or perhaps glanced at some live clips of the band from Lollapalooza, then you’ve seen him in action… but his contributions to music don’t end there. He was a major collaborator with fellow industrial bands Die Warzau and Sister Machine Gun, and even toured with the short-lived band 2wo (y’know… that time Rob Halford of Judas Priest went industrial with John 5). To say that he was a key player in the development of the industrial music scene during one of its most productive and creative periods would be an understatement, but as is usually the case with any artist, revered or unsung, it doesn’t come close to telling the whole story… but even I won’t attempt to tell that story here; for that, and to know what a loving human being he was, you should read the Facebook post from Kate Van Buren. And if that’s not enough (and it never really is when we remember the kind of impact any person makes on us), Jim Marcus has shared with ReGen his thoughts and memories of the man James Woolley was… [..]

Jun 2016 06

Gothic and horror style is certainly nothing new in the post-Hot Topic haze of underground and alternative fashion. So, how is any company to thrive in a market that is filled to the brim with styles and designs that cater to a similar market? Perhaps there is no definitive answer, but it’s certainly a question that applies to virtually all art forms, including music, and if this writer had to give an answer, it would be simply to focus on the quality of one’s work – do what you do, do it the best that you can and try to be the best that you can be… and while this level of perseverance and dedication to craft may not always be enough alone to succeed, it can only improve one’s chances. Just ask Kevin Thirteen – the founder of 7hirteen Clothing [..]

Mar 2016 22

Clint Carney might be a familiar name – or at least, it should be. For over 20 years, Carney has been making art in a multitude of mediums and under a variety of names. He plays keyboards and does backing vocals for Imperative Reaction and God Module, is the front man for Fake, and still finds time to compose the music, write the lyrics, and sing vocals as System Syn. While many will recognize Clint Carney from his musical endeavors, there’s far more to his abilities than just music.


Mar 2016 15

Julien-K premieres "Mannequin Eyes" music video via the fans
Having successfully crowdfunded the release of the band’s latest single, “Mannequin Eyes” as a special teaser for the upcoming Nightlife in Neon, electro/rock band Julien-K has unveiled the music video for the single via the fans. [..]

Feb 2016 22

Silver Spring, MD, Fillmore, 09/22/2015
Ghost - live in Silver Spring, MD by Katherine Gaines


In a few short years, Sweden’s Ghost has risen to the heights of international acclaim from both critics and audiences. With each band member adorned in matching costumes that present an image true to their moniker, vocalist Papa Emeritus III being the most distinguished with a prosthetic skull face that has been described as a form of “demonic anti-Pope,” it would be easy to dismiss Ghost as all style and no substance… that is, until one hears the band’s vicious and decidedly blasphemous brand of doom-laden Satanic gothic/metal. [..]

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