May 2013 13

May 17-20, 2013

Wave Gotik Treffen - Dominic LynchFallen to the frozen beginning of spring, Leipzig stumbles back into the path that looms in the shadows – shop keepers plan their windows, removing the colorful pastel shades that once beamed out of their looking glass for monotones that only absorb light. Wave Gotik Treffen has reappeared for its 22nd birthday and will most likely be, again, the largest Gothic gathering on the earth’s soil. [..]

Mar 2013 08

On February 16, 2013, the third Saturday of the month, ReGen mainstays DJGX and Pariah hosted a new “all industrial” night, titled ReGeneration. Held in association with ReGen Magazine, ReGeneration debuted at Club Orpheus in Baltimore, MD, one of the town’s longest running nightclubs, which has over the years held a number of scene-related nights and events. [..]

Jan 2013 19

At the end of every year, there are numerous lists that get published through various outlets detailing the best of whatever your category of choice; the best movie, the best dressed, the best restaurant, what have you. Perhaps it is part of humanity’s reflective nature to reminisce on the past year and quantify it down to a simple list that can quickly summarize what made living through it a worthwhile endeavor. Or perhaps it is indicative of the ever growing shallowness inherent to pop culture that quality is best summed up in simple ordered entries on some list. Who can say?
Certainly not ReGen Magazine, for we too have a list for you, the reader, of this publication’s Top 20 Albums of 2012. Voted on by the various members of the magazine staff, this list presents ReGen’s crème de la crème, showcasing those albums that best define the musical and creative outflow of the year from a wide variety of artists. So without further ado, we present to you ReGen Magazine’s Top 20 Albums of 2012. [..]

Nov 2012 10

Washington, DC, The Ultra Bar, 10/07/2012


Its difficult to asses the quality of any event based on anything other than the enjoyment felt by those in attendance. This is particularly true of specialty events like those hosted by The Metro Underground, a consortium based in Washington, DC for the alternative, underground, and adult scene. Among those events is the annual DC Fetish Ball, hosted by Richard A.D. and featuring a mélange of music, fashion, and carnal activity and experience, allowing people from all walks of life and from across the underground spectrum to engage in and enjoy the more exotic things in life. A regular staple of the Ultra Bar on F Street in NW DC, a club encompassing three levels to provide the maximum amount of activity, this years ball was held on Columbus Day weekend to allow many attendees the option to indulge in their fetishistic desires well past sunrise. [..]

Oct 2012 25

While this is a rare occurrence for ReGen, it seems fitting that this particular article be presented from a very personal perspective on the part of its writer… after all, I knew Jamie Duffy. [..]

Oct 2012 04

GoFight LogoWith the advent of new technologies and methods of distribution, it becomes necessary for many artists to choose the path that will yield the best results for them to have their music be heard by the masses. Some have decried these technologies simply as a means to perpetuate the violation of their copyrights, theft of their intellectual properties, and ultimately take money out of their pockets by circumventing the standard practice of purchasing product. Others have embraced the new paradigm to eschew the conventions of an obsolete system and reach a wider audience; especially with the availability of numerous options and formats by which bands and artists can offer their music. As file sharing has become something of a fact of life in the digital age, with the sales of the tried and true CD format diminishing, the USB format has been steadily rising to become a new standard for music and offering consumers more for their buck. Enter Chicago’s GoFight! [..]

Sep 2012 24

One would think that the combination of homosexual sex with sleazy electro beats would be passé or even cliché given the connotations seemingly attributed to both. Leave it to two enigmatic musical figures to enter into the mix and explore the possibilities of such a style in a manner so brazen, so in-your-face that it would reek of controversy; who knew that the approach would yield such a stream of successes as to make Hirsute Pursuit one of the most exciting and highly anticipated acts in the underground music scene? [..]

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