Jul 2023 03

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Album CoverSkinny PuppyThe Process
American Recordings / Warner Records
Release Date: 1996-02-27
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


Jun 2023 18

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Album CoverPsykosonikUnlearn
Label: WaxTrax! Records / TVT Records
Release Date: 1995-11-06
Author: Trubie Turner (Flexei)


Jun 2023 03

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For some time, the suggestion has been floating around among both ReGen staff and readers to write about past albums [..]

May 2023 02

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Although often associated with the term of synthpop, Depeche Mode’s music has transcended beyond that, and indeed most generalizations. Elements of rock, blues, industrial, ambient, techno, and even bits of jazz and country have found their way into the band’s music over the past 42 years – qualities that make Depeche Mode stand apart [..]

Jan 2023 07

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So… much… music!” [..]

Nov 2022 20

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It has been nearly two years since Spotify curator and staff writer Brian H. McLelland departed from ReGen Magazine to begin his acclaimed Void Signal Podcast; as such, it has also been that long since ReGen has kept up with its Spotify playlists… but that changes now as editor-in-chief Ilker Yücel presents Soul of a New Machine [..]

Aug 2022 13

In the years since its inception in 1993, Metropolis Records has become something of a household name to the entire world of music, having successfully fostered some of the most innovative and impactful talents in electronic and industrial music. The label has been one of the most significant entities for those genres on this side of the Atlantic, often providing distribution and exposure in North America for musicians and bands around the world. So, when the news struck at the end of this past July that Metropolis Records founder Dave Heckman had passed away… well, shock and sadness don’t even begin to cover the emotional tailspin that the electro/industrial music community began to endure. [..]

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