Oct 2012 25

While this is a rare occurrence for ReGen, it seems fitting that this particular article be presented from a very personal perspective on the part of its writer… after all, I knew Jamie Duffy. [..]

Oct 2012 04

GoFight LogoWith the advent of new technologies and methods of distribution, it becomes necessary for many artists to choose the path that will yield the best results for them to have their music be heard by the masses. Some have decried these technologies simply as a means to perpetuate the violation of their copyrights, theft of their intellectual properties, and ultimately take money out of their pockets by circumventing the standard practice of purchasing product. Others have embraced the new paradigm to eschew the conventions of an obsolete system and reach a wider audience; especially with the availability of numerous options and formats by which bands and artists can offer their music. As file sharing has become something of a fact of life in the digital age, with the sales of the tried and true CD format diminishing, the USB format has been steadily rising to become a new standard for music and offering consumers more for their buck. Enter Chicago’s GoFight! [..]

Sep 2012 24

One would think that the combination of homosexual sex with sleazy electro beats would be passé or even cliché given the connotations seemingly attributed to both. Leave it to two enigmatic musical figures to enter into the mix and explore the possibilities of such a style in a manner so brazen, so in-your-face that it would reek of controversy; who knew that the approach would yield such a stream of successes as to make Hirsute Pursuit one of the most exciting and highly anticipated acts in the underground music scene? [..]

Aug 2012 14

Many electronics companies are renowned for producing a wide range of products, rarely restricting themselves to a single market. Case in point, Olympus has for nearly a century been a reliable producer of everything from professional cameras and microscopes to medical devices to high quality audio recording equipment. In 2008, the LS-10 was released to the public – a PCM recorder that proved to be a much sought after and versatile item. With the June 2012 unveiling of the LS-10S, consumers can once again enjoy the benefits of this piece of audio equipment at an affordable price. [..]

Jun 2012 22

Jim Marcus (Die Warzau, Go Fight) shares his memories of friend and fellow Chicagoan and musician Jamie Duffy and offers some insights into the artistic and creative mindset.


Mar 2012 14

So Beautiful and So Dangerous… rarely has so appropriate a title ever been given to a work of art as on the latest album from the New York experimental collective known as Dream into Dust. Never ones to succumb to easy categorization with their effective mix of emotionally charged melody and avant-garde soundscapes [..]

Dec 2011 28

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