Apr 2024 01

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ReGen Magazine is happy to present our own version of March Madness as we continue with the monthly Spotify playlist, presenting a hearty selection of what went down in the underground during the third month of 2024. Curated by Doug Leach, we have here 30 songs from a wide range of artists covering the diverse range of styles [..]

Mar 2024 10

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This is not a particularly short ReView, and it shouldn’t be. This genre of music has had a number of releases that proved to be more substantial and enduring than we even thought they would be on first listening, records that did their job on first listen and then continued to do other jobs for us [..]

Mar 2024 04

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Even during a leap year, February is the shortest month… and yet, as can be heard in this latest in ReGen Magazine‘s monthly Spotify playlist, there was even more music to be heard [..]

Feb 2024 05

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“We’re baaack!” ReGen Magazine is once again bringing forth a monthly Spotify playlist to showcase what’s new in the industrial, electronic, gothic, and alternative underground. [..]

Jan 2024 08

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Although the album format remains very much alive, the last several years have seen shorter EP and single releases gaining prominence in music… and why not? [..]

Jan 2024 07

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Through even the most turbulent and tumultuous of events, music persists as an artform that provides succor and support. It would be folly to try to adequately summarize all of 2023; suffice to say, it was a year… [..]

Jul 2023 03

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Album CoverSkinny PuppyThe Process
American Recordings / Warner Records
Release Date: 1996-02-27
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


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