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In the years since its inception in 1993, Metropolis Records has become something of a household name to the entire world of music, having successfully fostered some of the most innovative and impactful talents in electronic and industrial music. The label has been one of the most significant entities for those genres on this side of the Atlantic, often providing distribution and exposure in North America for musicians and bands around the world. So, when the news struck at the end of this past July that Metropolis Records founder Dave Heckman had passed away… well, shock and sadness don’t even begin to cover the emotional tailspin that the electro/industrial music community began to endure. [..]

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It has been a rather significant length of time since ReGen Magazine has featured a “Top Albums” list of the year, but in the tail end of 2021, editor-in-chief Ilker Yücel was invited by Sapphira Vee and James Reyna – a.k.a. Melodywhore – to be a guest on the pair’s Situation 47 Podcast, with the topic of discussion to focus on ReGen‘s “Top 20 Albums of 2021.” With the participation of our writing staff, such a list was eventually assembled in time for the Podcast, but as perhaps should have been expected, the number of selections far exceeded 20… [..]

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The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the music industry harder than some of the heaviest rockers. Touring has stopped and lockdowns have forced everyone into their homes, making it difficult for many to bring in income. Bands and business owners alike are feeling the impact the Coronavirus has wrought on the entire world. As we head into another year faced with many uncertainties, many states are forced into another round of lockdowns. [..]

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In these times of social distancing and isolation to quell the spread of the pandemic, the need for personal interaction and congregation is being felt around the world. The cancellation of numerous tours, shows, and festival events combined with the closure of clubs and venues has left an indelible void in the hearts of all who find solace in music. Live shows are more than a chance to see one’s favorite bands perform on a stage – they’re an opportunity for genuine human contact, the exchange of shared tastes, ideas, and emotions. In this writer’s estimation, no festival event accomplishes this more than ColdWaves [..]

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ReGen Magazine wants to make sure we are always referring to people in ways that are responsive to their personal identity and dignity. To that end, we welcome artists reaching out to us to make us aware of any changes to or updates on their gender identity and preferences. We will, if the artist wants, happily revise any past articles – all ReViews, InterViews, and News items. We value accuracy and respect.


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ReGen Exclusive: Trash Deity announces Fan Album Art Contest for upcoming Remix EP
Trash Deity – the new collaboration of Groovie Mann (My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult) and producer/musician John D. Norten (Blue Eyed Christ) – has announced a new remix EP, Frantic Child/Cross & Divide, showcasing remixes of the two tracks by the likes of Jim Marcus (GoFight, Die Warzau, Pigface), Colin Allrich (Slighter), Martin King (Test Dept.), and more… and now, the band wants YOU to have a hand in its creation with this special Fan Album Art Contest!!! [..]

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